SmartCell Access Points

SmartCell 8800

Carrier-class 2.4/5GHz 802.11n Outdoor Access Point with integrated small cell option designed specifically for the challenges facing mobile operators in deploying HetNets in high-density environments

SmartCell 8800

The Ruckus SmartCell™ 8800 Series represents a completely new class of outdoor access point (AP) technology designed specifically to address the capacity and siting challenges mobile operators face in deploying HetNets in dense urban environments. It is the first high-performance dual-band 802.11n outdoor AP with integrated LTE (or 3G) small cell support. By integrating this capability into the SC 8800, the mobile operator can provide both a Wi-Fi and LTE (or 3G) underlay to offload heavily congested macro cellular networks in dense urban environments.

Site acquisition is always an issue when deploying small cells, and this is made much easier by integrating a small cell into a Wi-Fi access point as the latter is an operator neutral solution that is preferred by most site owners. The SC 8800 can also provide wireless backhaul using Wi-Fi technology in the 5 GHz band. Other capabilities include support for AC power, power-over-Ethernet, integrated GPS receiver, integrated spectrum analysis, BeamFlex adaptive antenna technology, and much more.

A key part of the Ruckus value proposition is our BeamFlex technology with integrated antennas, which steers RF energy toward the user that it is communicating with and away from all other AP’s in close proximity. This increases the gain by as much as 6 dB and the interference mitigation by as much as 15 dB. The latter is essential in most high-density deployments where interference is almost always the limiting factor.

SmartCell 8800 access points can be centrally managed from the mobile packet core using the SmartCell Gateway 200, the industry’s most scalable and versatile 3GPP compatible WLAN Gateway. The SCG 200 also supports capabilities like Hotspot 2.0 which will be essential in the rollout of carrier-class Wi-Fi solutions.