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Smart Access Management service

Moving Smart Wi-Fi Into the Cloud

Smart Access Management service

Smart Access Management (SAM) is a hosted public cloud Wi-Fi service. SAM brings together best-in-class Wi-Fi with cloud computing to simplify the provisioning, management and monetization of public Wi-Fi access.

SAMs combines the components required to run public Wi-Fi access such as WLAN management, authentication server, database server, content control, advertising server and migrates them to the cloud. By doing so, Ruckus simplifies the deployment of public Wi-Fi access and drastically reduces the cost without compromising the features or functionality. Furthermore, with a cloud service, Ruckus has reduced the time it takes to deploy a public Wi-Fi solution and lowers the barrier to entry.

Simply better public Wi-Fi with SAMs

The SAMs Public Wi-Fi Access model includes setup from a trained, authorized Ruckus channel partner, flexible deployment options, the tools to enable easy monetization, plus rich analytics and demographics data. SAMs is a perfect fit for small venues that requires a single Wi-Fi Access Point and can scale to large multi-site deployments that require hundreds of Access Points.

Monetization Made Easy

SAMs provides easy monetization through a customizable customer facing guest portal with the option for social login, a customizable user journey for advertising and specialized messaging as well as powerful analytics. For simplicity, the portal includes a wizard driven administration interface that provides a step-by-step configuration process and does not require any HTML coding.

  • Wizard-driven Setup: The SAMs administrative interface includes a step-by-step wizard driven setup and does not require HTML or coding expertise to configure or manage. The administrative interface is effortless to setup and edit, which allows for ad-hoc changes to the customer facing guest portal.

  • SAMs Customizable User Journey

    Customizable User Journey: The User Journey defines the step-by-step process that a Wi-Fi user walks through to attain access. The User Journey menu is designed to be configured by someone with zero IT experience. The modular based configuration can be setup with zero web development knowledge, HTML coding, or background in configuring web sites.

    Designing the user journey is simple with drag and drop customizable modules. Venues can monetize Wi-Fi with promotional branding or advertisement.

  • Registration Page: Simplifying the login experience, customers can provide multiple login options. The device friendly guest portal is designed to provide an appealing Wi-Fi logon experience and can be configured for multiple login options such as:

    • SAMs Targeted Advertising

      Social Login reduces the complexity of Wi-Fi access with a one-click sign-on option. Both Wi-Fi end users and venues can take advantage of the benefits that come with social medial sign-on.

    • Additional login options include optional or mandatory field such as email address, gender, and age group.

  • Targeted advertising: With granular analytics and historical reporting, venue owners can create targeted branding and advertisements based on the demographics of their customer base.

Rich Demographics and Analytics

SAMs also includes a powerful analytics dashboard that provides granular detail. The dashboard provides detailed analytics in an easy to read dashboard that provides venue owners with the information required to customize the registration page, advertising, and provide additional services. The SAMs granular analytics reporting provide multiple Historical analytic data includes demographics, visitor duration, and registration method.

SAMs Dashboard Overview

Dashboard Overview: The dashboard overview provides an at-a-glance view of the Wi-Fi usage based on total users with a breakdown view of new users, returning users, and a time based view of network activity. The entire dashboard can be customized to provide historical data and includes multiple preset options for weekly, monthly, and yearly reports.

SAMs User Demographics

Visitor Demographics: View visitor information based on login methods, gender, age group, and other analytics that provide venue owners with powerful insights about Wi-Fi users.

SAMs User Demographics

New vs. Returning Users: SAMs provides historical views of new vs. returning visitors with a graphical view

SAMs analytics provides a wide range of reports. Additional analytics functionality also include dashboard view and graphical reporting on the following:

  • Registration Method (e-mail, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Total Registered Users
  • Total Sessions
  • New vs. Returning Users
  • Average Visitor Duration
  • Device Types
  • Browser Versions
  • Visitor Demographics (Gender, Age range)

Flexible Deployment

Ruckus offers flexible deployment options for customers with existing Ruckus WLAN infrastructure looking to deploy SAMs, and for completely new Wi-Fi deployments.

Ruckus has simplified WLAN configuration with SAMs cloud hosted Wi-Fi. With and intuitive configuration panel, SAMs can be configured and deployed with basic understanding of WLAN configuration. SAMs provides the basic configuration parameters required to setup the Wi-Fi service.

SAMs Cloud - Hosted

SAMs fully cloud hosted solution. The SAMs cloud hosted option provides the power and flexibility that comes with cloud services such as high availability, scalability, and pay-as-you-grow model. Existing Ruckus customers have the option to migrate WLAN management entirely to the cloud or continue with their current onsite model.

SAMs Cloud - Onsite

SAMs Onsite provides the flexibility of traditional, local WLAN infrastructure and management while still taking advantage of this powerful cloud based hotspot solution including all the advertising and monetization tools.

Cloud Options Diagram

Effortless Setup

With Ruckus Smart Access Management deploying public Wi-Fi has never been easier. Utilizing the flexibility of the SAMs cloud hosted subscription model, combined with effortless setup, the solution can be deployed within minutes. This greatly reduces the time it takes to deploy public Wi-Fi Access.

Public Wi-Fi Access Made Easy
  • Designed for ease-of-use with effortless setup using an intuitive cloud based portal
  • Equipped with powerful monetization tools that provide the platform for advertising and branding
  • Modular configuration screen removing the need for skilled IT staff for setup and ongoing management
  • Carrier-grade cloud Wi-Fi with a pay-as-you-grow service model
  • Cost effective solution for small deployments to large deployments supporting thousands of clients devices
  • Reduces time to market by simplifying the setup, deployment, and provisioning process
  • Flexible Wi-Fi deployment options with cloud hosted or on-site management