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Cashing in on Better Wi-Fi within Retail Environments

Retailers face more competition than ever, and are searching for new ways to gain an advantage over online and bricks and mortar competitors. Increasingly, comprehensive Wi-Fi is critical to both marketing and operational initiatives.

With its new SPoT positioning technology, Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi can provide valuable customer information as well as enable a new customer touchpoint via mobile applications. Knowing where customers are in your store, how long they stay, how frequently they visit, and similar footfall analytic information can provide retailers with the insight they need to improve their in-store experience and marketing promotions.

SPoT location ecosystem partners enable an entirely new set of customer service and promotional opportunities, all triggered by customer location as well as other existing customer data to allow retailers to compete real-time, with all the quantitative insights of an online store, coupled with the impulse and convenience of being in-store.

Retailers also use a myriad of wireless devices and applications that benefit from a more reliable Wi-Fi network – equipment such as:

  • Point of sale devices
  • VoIP phones and badges
  • Digital advertising screens
  • Interactive media kiosks
  • Concierge tablets
  • Inventory scanners

We’ve designed the ideal Smart Wi-Fi system to deliver industry leading performance and reliability at affordable prices. Its flexible deployment models can align with your needs, either entirely on-site, or with centralized management and control, and only APs deployed at the stores.

Equally important, Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi excels in environments that lack on-site IT support and depend on their Wi-Fi to just work – all the time.

Key features include:

  • More reliable, consistent Wi-Fi that automatically adapts to interference and changes to the environment in real-time, using patented BeamFlex technology
  • PCI-compliant wireless security with state-of-the-art link layer encryption, VLAN support, rogue AP detection and location, intrusion protection and more
  • Complete remote control and management of standalone Smart Wi-Fi APs or complete Smart WLAN systems using FlexMaster
  • The ability to reliably extend network infrastructure and services to remote locations, through secure tunnels from discrete ZoneFlex APs or ZoneFlex Smart WLANs
  • The ability to monitor and restrict activity, to prevent malicious use of the network
  • More flexibility deployment options through Smart Mesh Networking