Selina Lo President & CEO

Selina Lo

Never shying away from controversy, Selina is no stranger to blazing new paths or changing course. This industry icon has become well-known for identifying new markets, then building products based on new technologies to exploit those markets. Before starting Ruckus Wireless, Selina built a number of successful computer networking startups. As VP of Marketing and Product Management at Alteon WebSystems, she defined a completely new market for load-balancing Web switches. After taking the company public, she sold it to Nortel for $7.8 billion. Her name has become synonymous with innovation in the world of computer networking. Before Alteon, she co-founded Centillion Networks, which developed the first token ring/Ethernet/ATM switch and was quickly acquired by Bay Networks. Born in Hong Kong, Selina received her B.A. in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley. She has lots of shoes and fluffy jackets.

Q: What Is Your Biggest Extravagance?
A: Shoes
Q: What Is It You Most Dislike?
A: Complacency
Q: What Is The Last Thing You Read?
A: Vogue
Q: Who Do You Consider Your Mentors?
A: Karyn Mashima at Avaya, Dominic Orr at Aruba Networks
Q: Which Living Person Do You Admire Most?
A: Hillary Clinton
Q: What Is Your Favorite Food?
A: Pinot Noir
Q: What Company Do You Admire Most?
A: Network Appliance
Q: What’s Your Most Coveted Superpower?
A: Elastagirl (I want to be)
Q: What Do You Consider To Be The Most Over-rated Virtue?
A: Patience
Q: What Do You Value Most In Your Friends?
A: Honesty, loyalty and open-mindedness, in that order
Q: What Do You Consider Your Greatest Achievement?
A: Helping others realize true achievement and satisfaction through their hard work
Q: What is your idea of perfect happiness?
A: A big and unexpected P.O at the end of the quarter
Q: What’s Your Favorite Movie?
A: Kung-Fu Hustle