Kontakt.io digitalizes the physical world. Our Internet of Things (IoT) platform and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags and beacons are the cornerstone of solutions improving mobile customer experience, indoor wayfinding, asset and people visibility, and condition monitoring. We focus on public spaces, healthcare, and food and pharma supply chains. With more than two million devices shipped, hundreds of installations in place and a global customer and partner base of 20,000 businesses, we are the number one beacon provider globally. Reducing the risk of IoT project failure through high quality technology, expertise, and support has garnered Kontakt.io a loyal customer base that continues to grow. Our in house R&D focuses on connecting artificial intelligence, blockchain, and IoT. To date, Kontakt.io has raised seven million dollars in venture capital.

To learn about Kontakt.io’s technology, visit https://kontakt.io

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