Brocade Ruckus ICX 7150

Raising the Bar for Entry-Level Stackable Switches

The Ruckus ICX 7150 combines enterprise-class switching features with high performance at entry-level price, allowing organizations to buy what they need now and easily scale to support growth and new technologies. The switch can operate in fanless mode outside of the wiring closet to provide silent operation for classrooms, hospitality suites, retail sites, hospitals or other noise sensitive environments.

The ICX 7150 is available in 12, 24 and 48 port 10/100/1000 Mbps models with 1/10 GbE dual-purpose uplink/stacking ports. The switch’s Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) capabilities make powering of high-capacity access points and other devices along with data connection easy. The switch supports stack-level high availability and stack level ISSU (In Service Software Upgrade) to ensure service resiliency and business continuity.

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Enterprise-Level Capabilities
PoE on every port to power 802.11ac Wi-Fi products
Stack level high availability and stack level ISSU to improve network service resiliency
sFlow-based network monitoring
SDN-enabled with OpenFlow support
Easy transition to Brocade Campus Fabric for network automation and management simplicity
Designed for Lean I.T. Staffs
Plug-and-play operations for powered devices via LLDP and LLDP-MED protocols
Auto-configuration ensures error free configuration and accelerates deployment
Hot-insertion and removal of stack members simplifies operations
Class-leading Performance and Scalability
Up to 8 switches per stack, up to 10km between stacked switches
4 x 10 GbE ports for stacking or uplinks
Software licensing upgrade - 1 GbE to 10 GbE of uplink/stacking ports
Flexible stacking adds capacity throughout the network without increasing the management load
  • Switching Capacity (max)
    180 Gbps
  • 1 GbE RJ-45 ports
    12, 24 or 48
  • Uplink/Stacking ports
    2 ports – 1 GbE RJ-45
    4 ports – 1GbE upgradeable to 10GbE
  • Switches per stack (max)
  • Aggregated stacking bandwidth
    320 Gbps
  • PoE technology
  • sFlow
  • L3 capabilities
    Base L3, RIP, OSPF
  • OpenFlow (SDN)
  • Campus Fabric technology
  • EEE

Brocade 校園網狀架構技術



在開放標準 IEEE 802.1BR Bridge Port Extension (橋接連接埠擴充) 技術的基礎上,Brocade 校園網狀架構技術將網路存取、彙總和核心層合併為共用服務的單一網域,進而整合了頂級、中階和入門款交換器。

橋接控制和連接埠延伸是構成校園網狀架構的重要基石。傳統的彙總功能/核心層將由具備橋接控制功用的交換器取而代之,在校園網狀架構技術中扮演中樞角色。以連接埠延伸模式運作的交換器也將取代存取層;這些交換器皆可連接個人電腦、筆記型電腦、IP 電話和其他存取裝置。控制橋接功能會使用以 IEEE 802.1BR 標準定義的通訊協定,與外接的連接埠延伸裝置進行通訊。



有別於傳統的三層網路設計,Brocade 校園網路將網路合併成單一邏輯裝置。這種設計可方便集中控管,簡化部署和服務管理作業,並可隨使用需求成長輕鬆擴充。交換器之間的所有連結隨時都保持開啟,流量負載也維持平衡。帶來的成效包括:

  • 達到最佳效能
  • 彈性提升
  • 網路服務部署更加迅速

Brocade OpenFlow 混合連接埠模式



透過 Brocade 的 OpenFlow 混合連接埠模式,使用者可針對 Brocade ICX 交換器上的任何連接埠啟用 OpenFlow,並可同時支援其他傳統交換器功能,且不會提升延遲情況。


客戶通常希望能夠建立 OpenFlow 層疊,與既有的工作網路並行使用。OpenFlow 層疊主要用於支援基礎網路之外的新高階服務和 SDN 應用程式。在 Brocade 混合連接埠模式下,便不需要另外建立網路,也能享有 SDN 和 OpenFlow 的優勢。




sFlow 是內嵌於 Brocade ICX 交換器的標準型封包取樣技術,可為網路管理員提供測量網路流量、收集、排序及分析網路數據的可擴充技術。有了這項技術,便能從單一位置監控數以萬計的不同介面。


隨著企業的重要營運項目日漸仰賴網路服務,網路方面的任何變更都可能影響網路效能和可靠性。若能為各種連結設定 sFlow,則 sFlow 將可協助企業:

  • 分析這些連結的流量統計資料和趨勢
  • 化解出乎意料的網路壅塞情形
  • 改善容量規劃