U.S. Federal Government

Modernize and Scale the Network with Secure Wi-Fi and Switching

The primary mission of military and civilian federal agencies—protecting and serving citizens—has never been more critical. But budget and manpower realities, not to mention evolving security threats, are making it harder to succeed at these missions. Your agency needs to modernize its IT infrastructure continuously, do it at scale, and manage it with the people and budget you have. ‘Doing more with less’ is not just a clever catchphrase.

With a twenty-year history of Federal IT network modernization, Ruckus knows how to help federal agencies update their access infrastructure in a scalable and secure fashion. From software-upgradeable switches to Wi-Fi that works in the toughest environments, to secure access for every device and user, Ruckus makes life easier for IT—with a total cost of ownership that gets IT modernization done faster.

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Build and manage city-scale networks

Federal networks operate at a scale shared by few organizations. Such scale brings challenges: multiple sites with multiple management interfaces, inflexible architectures, efficient network problem isolation, and adequate service-level delivery across diverse indoor and outdoor environments. Ruckus provides the tools to build and manage large-scale networks:

Secure access, no matter the device or the environment

Federal workforces want the mobility and convenience of “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD). But risks associated with identity and unauthorized access are all too real. Even with agency-supplied devices, an IT helpdesk overrun with password-related trouble tickets is also a too-frequent reality.

The result: security, employee productivity and IT productivity are lower than they should be. Ruckus helps by providing the means for secure user and device access in a way that’s more secure than passwords, doesn’t burden IT and minimizes end-user frustration—for hundreds of thousands of users.

The Ruckus Cloudpath Enrollment System offers:

  • Certificate-based, secure connectivity with WPA2-Enterprise—the gold standard in encryption—to eliminate password hassles for BYOD users
  • Self-service onboarding that dramatically reduces the burden on IT when it comes to bringing new users and devices—including BYOD and guest users—onto the network
  • Policy management for granular role-based access control—users only get access to appropriate network resources
  • Maximum flexibility with cloud or on-premises deployment, support for any wired/wireless network infrastructure, and customizable workflows
  • Visibility and control over what devices are on the network, with each device associated with a user

Squeeze more out of your network, cut your TCO

As a federal IT leader, a gold-plated network is not what you’re after. You need to modernize as much of your network as you can with this year’s budget while making sure you maximize the lifespan of the equipment you buy. A Ruckus network lets you:

  • Minimize over-provisioning through use of fixed, stackable, software-upgradeable switches that yield chassis benefits without chassis cost and forklift replacement cycles
  • Minimize sparing requirements. Every switch and every access point can be used in every Ruckus control, management and distribution architecture.
  • Reduce WLAN infrastructure cost by deploying fewer, more capable access points that serve more users better
  • Reduce backhaul costs by distributing the WLAN data plane across sites
  • Reduce WLAN CAPEX by going all-virtual

安全设备加载和 Cloudpath



现在已不再是 10 年前;初始启用和加载的无线设备也相对需要高度安全和简单和安装简单。Ruckus Cloudpath 软件让企业、政府机构和教育机构轻松实现安全加载。


公共 WiFi 热点是提高来宾和访客满意度的好方法。他们可以让人们在您的场地停留更长时间,产生直接和非直接的收入,或提供更好的场地或校园体验。但大多数时候,公共热点没有提供任何安全保护,甚至没有加密。越来越多的用户了解未受保护的热点存在的内在安全风险,因此,更不敢随便使用它们。如果他们使用WiFi,很可能只是数量有限的活动,进而削减您在第一时间部署公共 WiFi 动力的价值。

使用 Cloudpath 软件进行安全加载可确保访客安全而有效地连接到公共热点。访客一旦加载,便可漫游到在相同漫游联盟下设置的任何热点。只要访客与 WLAN 相关联,他们便会被引导至品牌网络门户,他们可以在这里选择安全接入或开放接入。借助专有的自动设备启用 (ADE) 功能,可在数秒内确保设备安全。综合运用这些产品可以提供更好的网络连接和一流的用户体验。

BeamFlex 自适应天线技术





传统的无线天线要么是“全向”的(在所有方向上辐射信号),要么是“定向的”(在一个方向上辐射信号)。而 Ruckus BeamFlex 自适应天线技术则采用更具适应性的方法。BeamFlex 技术能够让 Ruckus 接入点内的天线系统不断感测和优化其环境。 该天线系统可减轻无线电干扰、噪声和网络性能问题,并提高应用流。结果:

  • 增加了性能和覆盖范围
  • 清晰的视频和语音通信
  • 最大化电源效率

BeamFlex+ 可以自适应支持移动设备,增强了 Ruckus BeamFlex 自适应天线技术。除客户端设备位置外,BeamFlex+ 还可以使天线适应客户端设备方向。