Ruckus Unleashed

适用于小型企业的 WiFi

随着 Ruckus AP 虚拟控制器™接入点的使用,中小型企业可以在几分钟内部署 WiFi,并且仅在 60 秒内完成配置。

Ruckus AP 虚拟控制器让您能够在业务增长需要时,通过利用现有的 AP 虚拟控制器投资升级至 Ruckus ZoneDirector 或 SmartZone 控制管理平台。现在,您可以充分利用无控制器的智能 WiFi。

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On in 60 Seconds

When your IT is stretched—and when is it not?—you just don’t have time for configuration complexity. With Unleashed, you can set up and configure your new WLAN in under 60 seconds.

Three easy steps is all it takes.

Fast, Everywhere, all the Time

Nobody wants bad Wi-Fi. Customers hate it and, frankly, you don’t have time for it. Fortunately, that’s not something you need to worry about with Unleashed. Unleashed access points are packed with ten years of patented Wi-Fi performance innovations—innovations that ensure you and your customers will be in Wi-Fi heaven, no matter how tough the environment.

Fewer Boxes Mean Lower Costs

Let’s face it, the easiest way to spend less on equipment is…to have less equipment. With controller functionality built right into access points themselves, you don’t have to worry about another box to manage. Cha-ching.

Read about how Unleashed can help your small business.

Ready for What's Next

Unleashed might be just the thing you need today. But what about two or three years from now? Don’t worry. If you decide it’s time to switch to another architecture, like an on-premise controller or even our cloud-managed WLAN, your Unleashed access points will be more than happy to tag along with you on the next adventure.​

在短短几分钟内配置 WLAN
前向兼容所有未来的 Ruckus 架构
最佳的 Wi-Fi 用户体验
为客户带来可靠的 Wi-Fi 体验
借助 Ruckus 专有技术(如 BeamFlex+ 和 ChannelFly)提高网络容量
ZeroIT 可同时轻松载入多位访客
  • Number of APs supported
  • Clients
    512 per cluster
  • Physical size
    Refer to selected AP data sheet
  • Ethernet ports
    Refer to selected AP data sheet
  • Authentication support
    802.1x, local database, Active Directory, RADIUS, LDAP
  • Guest networking / captive portal
  • DHCP server
    External or assigned
  • AP discovery and control
  • Management interface
    Web, CLI
  • Management protocol(s)
    SNMP v3
  • VLAN support
    Dynamic VLANs
  • Deployment
    Local Breakout
  • Power supply
  • Fans