Scalable WLAN Controllers Supporting Up to 30,000 Wi-Fi Access Points

SmartZone wireless LAN controllers solve the problems associated with building and expanding complex multi-site and multi-geo WLANs, and with delivering single and multi-tier managed Wi-Fi services. The SmartZone controller family is built on a common SmartZone Operating System (OS) and models are available in both appliance and virtual appliance form.

SmartZone WLAN controllers allow organizations to:

  • Overcome scale limitations associated with single, centrally managed WLANs, enabling physical or virtual deployments of up to 30,000 APs and 300K clients.
  • Deploy virtual appliances without compromising the scalability, redundancy or performance associated with their physical counterparts.
  • Remove idle controller capacity and wasted CAPEX often associated with redundant standby schemes.
  • Eliminate the need for separate mobility controllers or DHCP servers.
  • Reduce associated risk with shared compute and storage, by supporting containerized, multi-tenant domains.
  • Visually troubleshoot and quickly pinpoint client connection issues.
  • Easily deliver all client, AP, WLAN and controller statistics and key performance indicators to 3rd party analytics platforms.

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