Connecting People and Cities Through Wi-Fi

In 2017, the European Commission launched the WiFi4EU program to bring free Wi-Fi connectivity to Europe. With a €120 million budget, the EC set an objective “…to equip every European village and every city with free wireless Internet access around the main centers of public life by 2020” - Jean-Claude Juncker, President of EC.

Initial projects will commence in early 2018, through a first come, first serve online application process and successful voucher award of about €15,000 per deployment; including public administration buildings, libraries, parks, town squares etc. Scheme Details

Smart City Solution

As the leader in outdoor Wi-Fi, Ruckus has successfully powered some of the world's largest deployments, delivering Public Wi-Fi in cities across the globe.

Not only is Ruckus committed to supporting the EC's vision for connectivity, they can also help cities unlock their potential by using the Wi-Fi to host other smart objectives.

Building Connected Cities

As the interest in ‘Smart Cities’ increases, cities all around the world are evaluating technologies to enrich their citizen’s lifestyles, accelerate economic growth and deliver improved public services through applications and programmable infrastructures. While the goals and objectives of the city may vary, the introduction of a connected, agile platform to deploy these various solutions is a fundamental step towards creating this smart environment. Wi-Fi is no longer just for wireless connectivity, it is now a building block for cities to evolve.

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Case Studies

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City of Kiel

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