Why Choose Cloudpath Enrollment System vs. Aruba ClearPass and Cisco ISE?

Cloudpath Enrollment System is the clear winner over ClearPass and ISE

Failure to properly secure wired/wireless network access for BYOD and guest users presents a tempting attack surface for hackers seeking to compromise your data.

You might be considering Aruba ClearPass or Cisco® ISE as part of a layered defense strategy for IT security. Be careful or you might get more than you bargained for. More complexity that is—since Aruba ClearPass and Cisco ISE are both known for being complicated to deploy and manage. And more expense, too—multiple modules and per-device licensing. (Aruba recently moved to per-user for some—but not all—modules.) You’ll probably have to pay for an expensive professional services engagement to get your products deployed. On top of that, Aruba ClearPass and Cisco ISE slow your organization’s journey to the cloud by offering only on-premises deployment. Even if you have already deployed these products, you should consider Ruckus Cloudpath Enrollment System.

A market-proven Cisco ISE and Aruba ClearPass alternative

Cloudpath Enrollment System is the superior alternative to Aruba ClearPass and Cisco ISE. Cloudpath is SaaS/software that delivers secure network access for BYOD, guest users and IT-owned devices.

Unlike these two competing products, it supports multi-tenancy and gives you a choice of cloud-based or on-premises deployment. Cloudpath is by far the easiest to deploy and manage. Along with all-in-one per-user licensing, that translates into superior cost-effectiveness. Here is a competitive matrix that highlights the differences:

Cloudpath Enrollment System vs. Cisco ISE and Aruba ClearPass
  Cloudpath Enrollment System Cisco ISE Aruba ClearPass
Secure network access for BYOD guests and IT-owned devices Yes Yes Yes
Vendor-agnostic Yes Yes Yes
Choice of on-premises or cloud-based deployment Yes No No
Multi-tenancy Yes No No
Easiest to deploy and manage Yes No No
Superior cost-effectiveness—with all-in-one user-based license or subscription Yes No No

Cloudpath Enrollment System is a market-proven secure onboarding platform. Because it’s vendor-agnostic, many customers use the software with Cisco or Aruba wired/wireless network infrastructure. Sound interesting? It’s a great time to learn more. Contact your Ruckus reseller today. Visit our product page where you will find customer case studies, videos and more. You can even sign up for a live online demo when you’re ready.

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