A Great Retail Experience Begins with Great Store Wi-Fi and Guest Access

The smartphone: shoppers today don’t leave home without it. They’re using them to compare prices and find product information. They’re communicating with friends and family in your store. And they’re expecting you to provide Wi-Fi to keep them connected.

You can look at all this as one more hassle for your business. Or, can see it for what it is: a new way to engage more deeply and profitably with your customers.

Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi can help you to operate your store more efficiently and to cash in on the connected consumer by influencing your customers at the point of purchase.

Increase Your Store’s Productivity

Good things may come to those who wait, but your customers don’t want to hear it—especially when it’s time to check out. With secure and reliable wireless connectivity, you can provide faster, more personalized service and run your store more efficiently.

Use handheld devices instead of fixed registers to check inventory, place an online order, even complete a sale from anywhere in the store. Securely connect multiple devices (alarms, video cameras, thermostats, point-of-sale systems) to the Wi-Fi network, where you can control them centrally, and even remotely.

Deliver a Better Shopping Experience

Fast, engaging service demands a personal touch. But if you’re an independent retailer, you know how hard it is to find the right staffing balance. Ruckus can help you use Wi-Fi to get more from your space and your people.

Empower shoppers to access product information and store services themselves, from their smartphones, when salespeople are working with other customers. Gather insights about shopper behaviour in real time to find out what’s working and what isn’t. Use footfall analytics to optimize your store layout and turn your venue into a must-visit destination.

Monetize the Wi-Fi Experience

Your customers are going to use their smartphones whether you like it or not—often to compare your prices with competitors. When they do it over cellular, you’re cut out of the equation. But when they’re using your Wi-Fi, you now have a captive audience that you can connect with and learn from.

Use your smart Wi-Fi network to better understand your customers: their identities, email addresses, social connections, even demographics information. Wi-Fi connections also provide opportunities to push targeted promotions—both inside the store and on an ongoing basis—to increase their basket and their loyalty.

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