Primary Education

21st Century Teaching and Learning Depend on Gigabit WiFi

The classroom of tomorrow promises an amazing education. Blended learning, flipped classrooms, digital curriculum and other modern learning models can better engage students and help educators be more effective. But they also create new challenges for schools and their overtaxed IT teams.

Instead of lesson plans depending solely on skilled teachers, they depend on consistent, reliable connectivity to the school WiFi network. Instead of leaving tools locked in the classroom, students walk in the door with their Chromebooks, tablets or other devices every morning, and take them home with them each night.

It’s enough to make school and IT leaders feel like they’re a grade or two behind. Ruckus can help. We power the connected modern classroom with grade-A performance and simple, market-leading onboarding and management.

WiFi as Reliable as the Lights in your Classroom

Nobody understands better than teachers what new devices can bring to classroom learning. But teachers also know first-hand how spotty, poorly performing wireless connectivity can spoil the best-laid lesson plans.

If you’re going to unlock the potential of Chromebooks, laptops and tablets to help students learn, you need a fast, reliable WiFi network that can handle all of those devices at once without missing a beat.

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Make Strong Classroom Connections

Digital curricula, online assessments and other digital tools are only as effective as the WiFi they depend on. But with mixed wireless technologies, high device density, and radio interference everywhere, schools can be extremely challenging environments.

Ruckus’ patented BeamFlex+ antenna technology enables self-optimizing classroom networks that dynamically adapt to each device they connect with. They manage interference, high device density and other problems automatically. So when students raise their hands, it’s because they have a question about the material – not because their Chromebook lost its connection again.

Simple and Secure Network Access

Your school’s IT resources are already stretched. Asking them to support hundreds of different device platforms – plus constant password trouble tickets and frustrated users – can make them want to skip class.

Ruckus certificate-based onboarding makes WiFi access simple and seamless for both users and your IT team. Students, teachers and guests can connect any device, anywhere, in seconds through a self-service portal. They can log on once and never have to enter their credentials again. And they can do it all through a platform that enforces AUP and CIPA compliance, and secures every connection with the strongest WiFi encryption.

In years past, primary and secondary school students walked into labs and then walked out, leaving the tools behind. Today, students walk through the door with devices and leave with those same devices to use at night. This BYOD phenomenon provides the opportunity to leverage those devices as educational tools, ensuring that students have access to educational tools around the clock. Decades of computer-centric thinking are giving way to connectivity-centric thinking, which means any device with connectivity may now be utilized as a learning platform.

WiFi in education is about more than accessing the network. Whether adopting a BYOD approach or an IT-based One-To-One initiative, this transformation is more highly diverse and an unmanaged set of network users presents a new challenge to provide safe, predictable connectivity. Furthermore, the ultimate goal of improving students’ educational experience must not be compromised.

Cloudpath ES allows primary and secondary institutions to extend wireless access to a broad spectrum of users, devices and use cases without a phone call or a trip to the support desk. Cloudpath ES does this by providing automated, self-service onboarding for a wide array of devices and determining the appropriate policy for each user and device.

Realize the benefits of Cloudpath ES in primary and secondary:

  • Leverage your existing WiFi infrastructure.
  • Eliminate the management and security headaches related to pre-shared keys (PSK).
  • Eliminate the inconvenience and security risks of captive portal logins.
  • Automate the device onboarding for all permitted users, including students, staff, contractors and visitors.
  • Ensure users get connected, not just configured.
  • Automate the enforcement of policies and access controls, including use policies, authentication and network privileges.
  • Provide encrypted wireless without creating support tickets.
  • Track information related to users, devices and policies for all wireless connections.

Certificates for Chromebooks

Chromebooks are loved for being simple and secure. With Cloudpath ES, you can now deploy the gold standard in security, certificates, to Chromebooks in an automated manner.

Whether issuing from an existing Microsoft CA or through the built-in PKI, Cloudpath ES ensures every device receives the appropriate certificate without IT overhead. Once installed, the certificate is available for a wide array of uses, including certificate-based WiFi, web authentication and more.

For managed Chromebooks, Cloudpath ES deploys both user and device certificates. Either way, the certificates are TPM-backed, meaning they are burned into hardware for maximum protection.

For unmanaged Chromebooks, Cloudpath ES provides self-service, automated installation of the certificate along with related services, such as WPA2-Enterprise WiFi using EAP-TLS.

BeamFlex Adaptive Antenna Technology

Performance Optimization

What it means:

Smart, compact adaptive antenna systems containing multiple elements that electrically manipulate antenna properties so as to create optimal antenna patterns for each device with which they communicate.

Why you should care:

Traditional wireless antennas are either “omnidirectional” (radiating signals in all directions) or “directional” (radiating signals in one direction). Ruckus BeamFlex Adaptive Antenna Technology takes a more adaptable approach. BeamFlex technology enables the antenna system within a Ruckus AP to continually sense and optimize for its environment.

This antenna system mitigates radio interference, noise and network performance issues, and improves application flows. The results:

  • Increased performance and range
  • Crystal clear video and voice communications
  • Maximized power efficiency

BeamFlex+ is an enhancement to Ruckus BeamFlex adaptive antenna technology by providing adaptive support to mobile devices. BeamFlex+ enables antennas to adapt to client device orientation in addition to client device location.

Secure Device Onboarding and Cloudpath

Security and Onboarding

What it means:

It’s not 2005 anymore; there’s no reason that onboarding wireless devices shouldn’t be highly secure and simple. Ruckus Cloudpath software makes secure onboarding easy for enterprises, government agencies, and educational institutions.

Why you should care:

With billions of wireless devices and new ones hitting the market all the time, it can feel like the Wild West out there. Cloudpath lets you onboard both IT-owned and BYOD devices in a fast, automated way. Cloudpath invented self-service Wi-Fi onboarding in 2006, and onboards millions of devices each year. It uses standards-based security, strong encryption, and flexible policy controls to extend enterprise-grade security to every device coming onto your network.