Public Wi-Fi

Build and Scale Managed Wi-Fi Services and Public Wi-Fi

You already own the home. You’ve captured a big chunk of the enterprise. But if you’re like most multiple service operators (MSOs), you’re looking to grow your business even more. Wi-Fi is proving to be one of the most effective weapons in your arsenal to do it.

Look at it this way: You already have an extensive network plant—sometimes even an aerial plant—throughout your coverage area. By deploying Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi infrastructure on top of it, you can extend your services and your brand to more users in more places. You can reward your loyal subscribers with easy broadband access across your market and beyond. And you can open up new incremental revenue streams while you do it.

Capture New Revenues

With competition fierce and subscriber churn high, you’re already feeling the pricing pressure. You need to find new revenue sources wherever you can. Wi-Fi is a great way to do it.

First, by giving your subscribers free, branded mobile Wi-Fi in more places, you can keep them happier and reduce churn—one of most MSOs’ biggest costs. At the same time, a broad Wi-Fi footprint opens the door to new business models—Smart City partnerships with municipalities, managed enterprise WLAN partnerships with cellular providers, Wi-Fi-powered location and analytics services, and more.

Bring Better Wireless to Businesses

Ruckus makes it easy to deliver a superior wireless experience to your enterprise and small business customers. With our Smart Wi-Fi breakthroughs in mesh networking, adaptive antenna technology and other areas, you can bring fast, reliable managed WLAN services to businesses at a fraction of the cost and effort of conventional Wi-Fi alternatives.

Onboard Devices Simply and Securely

Wi-Fi and other MSO services can be a match made in heaven. Don’t let the marriage turn sour by making it a pain for subscribers to connect their devices, or failing to properly protect their wireless traffic.

Ruckus CloudPath certificate-based onboarding makes Wi-Fi access simple and seamless—for both your subscribers and your business. Your users can connect any device, anywhere in seconds, through a branded self-service portal. They can log on once and never have to enter credentials again. They can communicate using the gold standard in wireless encryption. And you can manage everything—across your network footprint and beyond—centrally through the cloud.

Odin, Service Provider, Netherlands

Installing over 5,000 Ruckus access points in the market, schools now have a top notch network that’s reliable.


Superior Technology and Easy Management Provides End-users with Quality Service


JCDecaux is an outdoor advertising company who address clients through the panels on the streets, digital panels and on mobile devices so reliable Wi-Fi is key.

BeamFlex Adaptive Antenna Technology

Performance Optimization

What it means:

Smart, compact adaptive antenna systems containing multiple elements that electrically manipulate antenna properties so as to create optimal antenna patterns for each device with which they communicate.

Why you should care:

Traditional wireless antennas are either “omnidirectional” (radiating signals in all directions) or “directional” (radiating signals in one direction). Ruckus BeamFlex Adaptive Antenna Technology takes a more adaptable approach. BeamFlex technology enables the antenna system within a Ruckus AP to continually sense and optimize for its environment.

This antenna system mitigates radio interference, noise and network performance issues, and improves application flows. The results:

  • Increased performance and range
  • Crystal clear video and voice communications
  • Maximized power efficiency

BeamFlex+ is an enhancement to Ruckus BeamFlex adaptive antenna technology by providing adaptive support to mobile devices. BeamFlex+ enables antennas to adapt to client device orientation in addition to client device location.

Mesh Networking and SmartMesh

Performance Optimization

What it means:

You’re not crazy if you think that wireless networks should be… wireless. But in traditional WLANs, you still have to run cables to each AP. In mesh networks, individual APs connect with each other wirelessly.

Why you should care:

Who wouldn’t want to eliminate the need for expensive Ethernet cabling across their facilities? But making mesh networks work in enterprises is easier said than done. Traditionally, it’s required a lot of complex configuration, and it’s been hard to assure consistent, reliable connectivity.

With Ruckus SmartMesh Networking technology, we’ve made mesh networks enterprise-grade. Instead of navigating complex configurations for each AP, just check a box. The mesh forms automatically. And with our BeamFlex technology, APs can dynamically change antenna patterns on a packet-by-packet basis to adapt to conditions and ensure a solid connection. Enterprises get self-forming, self-healing mesh networks at half the time and cost of traditional wireless deployments.