Introducing The Ruckus R730 and More

Experience exceptional wireless performance in ultra-high density environments

The explosive growth of devices and applications has resulted in an insatiable demand for faster and better Wi-Fi. In support, the Ruckus R730 (802.11ax access point) and our Ultra-High Density Technology Suite offers what no-other vendor does well – a Wi-Fi solution that withstands the performance crunch in stadiums, lecture halls, convention centers, transit hubs and other public venues.

Does your current enterprise Wi-Fi network mitigate network degradation by transient clients within subway stations and mass-transit hubs? Does your enterprise Wi-Fi network intelligently minimize management traffic from both APs and devices that negatively affect user traffic within stadiums and lecture halls? Does your enterprise Wi-Fi network offer advanced hardware in addition to management and wireless machine-learning innovations?

Breathe easier and welcome to Ruckus.