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Network Planning for the 5 Phases of Digital Learning Transition

Wednesday, August 29, 2018, @ 10:00 AM PST

In this webinar, we will look at the five phases of digital learning transition in schools, and the top IT challenges of making a successful transition while providing a safe and reliable classroom experience.

A Higher Education in Network Security

On Demand

Join us for a candid look behind the curtain of the NOC (Network Operations Center) for BlackHat, some of the most technical information security events in the world. As the official network provider, Ruckus' success at these events mean that our experience, lessons learned and accolades directly benefit you and your customers.

Addressing the Student Data Privacy Challenge

On Demand

Watch our webinar to learn how you can keep student data more secure by enhancing cyber security defenses, mitigating inadvertent data breaches, and avoiding unsecure logins.

Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi: A Cornerstone of Digital Transformation for Retailers

On Demand

Leslie Hand, Vice President at IDC Retail Insights offers insights into why Wi-Fi and mobile solutions are cornerstone of retail digital transformation and what steps you need to take to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Addressing the Network Scaling Challenge

On Demand

65% of IT administrators expect their Internet bandwidth to grow by 50% or more within the next 3 years - challenging them to stretch the limits of aging infrastructure. Watch our webinar to learn how Ruckus wired and wireless solutions can scale to support exponential connections, without ripping wire or breaking the bank.

Smart Campus: The Journey Starts Here

On Demand

There is a lot of talk these days about smart homes and smart cities. But what could that mean to students and why does it matter to CIOs and IT teams?

Watch our webinar to learn what it means to turn your college or university into a smart campus.

The Ruckus Quality of Experience: Are You Ready for Streaming Video and Differentiated Services?

On Demand

Divergent Dynamics recently validated a series of performance tests that measured the ability of five vendors’ mid-range 802.11ac access points (APs) to stream video in a production environment. The results are something every network designer and administer should understand.

Join us to learn why these results are important for you and the success of your network.

No more Passwords! Hassle-Free Wi-Fi Access

On Demand

Learn how you can avoid angry tweets to the Chancellor about the hassle of password resets and lockouts in our upcoming live webinar. We will discuss how Ruckus Cloudpath software can rid your campus of password tyranny and provide remote secure onboarding to avoid move-in day help desk overload.

Top 3 Challenges for School IT

On Demand

Modern learning techniques, are better engaging students and helping educators be more effective. But they also create new and unique challenges.

Watch our webinar to learn how Ruckus wired and wireless solutions can help solve the three top challenges for primary education IT teams.​

Experience Management for Digital Learning Success

On Demand

True to our heritage, Ruckus now goes beyond its competitors to deliver innovations centered around end-user experiences. Watch this webinar to see a live demo and learn our latest advancements in the Ruckus SmartZone™ controller and Ruckus SmartCell™ Insight reporting platforms for education.

Determining Your Position on the Digital Equity Scale

On Demand

Initiatives that enable high-quality digital learning and provide services to instructors for anywhere, anytime learning, are increasing in importance. Watch this webinar to learn more about how schools are facing the problem of digital equity and the main considerations for districts as they start their digital transformation.

Securing Chromebook Classrooms Made Easy

On Demand

Only 52% of online edtech software require encryption of login and personal information. Luckily, Ruckus and Lightspeed can help you deploy your Chromebooks securely, so you can easily monitor and manage them in your classroom hassle-free. Watch our webinar to find out how.

The Swiss Army Knife for Lean IT to Secure Campus Networks

On Demand

Fast, reliable Wi-Fi and self-service BYOD access is our proven formula for success. Watch this webinar to learn how our Swiss Army Knife, Ruckus Cloudpath software, can help you provide remote secure onboarding to avoid move-in day help desk overload and rid your campus of password tyranny. 

How to Secure Every Device and Protect Your Network

On Demand

Learn how the combination of certificates and granular user and device policy management can improve or round out your security implementation—not just for employees but for guests and BYOD users, as well.

EdTech: Why Ruckus for Uninterrupted Learning

On Demand

Ready to design and deploy your #FutureReady campus? Ruckus is an approved E-rate vendor, with many solutions qualifying for E-rate funding. Watch this webinar to learn about our E-rate eligible solutions, and why you should consider Ruckus bids this year. 

The Checklist for Campus Network Vendor Migration

On Demand

The promise of 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi and stackable software upgradeable switches has IT departments considering new vendor platforms, architectures and products. Watch this webinar to learn a checklist of considerations for migrating your campus from your legacy network vendor in a workable, phased approach.

Technical Deep-Dive: Cloud-Managed Infrastructure for Primary Education

Wednesday, February 15, 2017, @ 8:00 AM PST

As school districts migrate their teaching and learning platforms and curricula into the cloud, the network infrastructure is poised to follow. In this webinar, we will explore the trends and advantages of such a shift, then provide an overview of Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi for primary education, including a live demo.

This is my stop! Getting off the forklift upgrade cycle

On Demand

Customers and employees demand networks that evolve and grow to support them. Keeping up can be time consuming and costly with constant hardware refreshes and downtime for upgrades. See how you can future-proof your network to meet these demands without needing a forklift upgrade or breaking the bank.

Cloud Managed Wi-Fi is a Key Enabler for Digital Transformation. But is it Right for You?

On Demand

In this webinar, we discuss when it makes sense to transition, and what you should look for when considering, cloud managed Wi-Fi solutions.

How to Design the Ruckus Digital-Ready Campus

On Demand

The top three challenges facing primary education are network capacity, student data privacy, and the transition to digital. Attend our webinar to learn more about these challenges, and how you can eliminate them, with scalable, secure, and reliable wireless and wired networking solutions.

Campus Networks Can Attract and Retain Students

On Demand

Students use to select which school they would attend based on dining hall food and difficulty of classes. Now, they are picking colleges that allow them to do online homework outdoors and stream Netflix with ease. Attend our webinar to learn about networking solutions that provide the experience students expect.

Residence Hall Wi-Fi Solutions for Better Connectivity

On Demand

Students expect a true “home-away-from-home” experience at school - including reliable access to Wi-Fi that simply works on any device. Attend our upcoming webinar to learn how you can deliver the best Wi-Fi in your residence halls, with easy onboarding solutions and IPTV.

Hassle-free Access: Passwords, Pre-Boarding & eduroam

On Demand

How many hours per week do you spend on password-related help desk tickets – especially from incoming freshman? Spare an hour, and listen to this webinar to learn how to rid your campus of password tyranny and simplify secure onboarding.

Minooka School District: Superior Performance with Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi​

On Demand

Facing challenges in providing reliable, high performance Wi-Fi to 7 campuses with limited IT resources, Minooka School District needed to upgrade their legacy network. Listen to Aaron Souza, Director of IT at Minooka School District, explain why he chose Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi.

Meeting the Broadband & Network Capacity Challenge

On Demand

Keeping up with the escalating number of devices and bandwidth hungry applications on your network is the biggest challenge K-12 IT administrators face. Learn some leading best practices on how to handle this growth with wired and wireless solutions built for scale.

Meeting the Student Data Privacy Challenge

On Demand

K-12 IT administrators are under enormous pressure to ensure that student data is protected and used in accordance with applicable laws. But with BYOD, guest access, and everything going to cloud, how do you keep students' private data secure? Watch this webinar to learn how.

Meeting the Digital Learning Transition Challenge

On Demand

A continuous wired and wireless network is no longer a nice to have, but a requirement when transitioning to a digital learning environment. Hear from Bryant Wong, CTO of Summit Public Schools, explain his journey to provide a 100% digital learning environment in his school district.

Best Practices for Migrating to 802.11ac

On Demand

Wi-Fi technology 802.11ac is critical for high capacity and performance. If you haven’t already, it’s time to upgrade your infrastructure. Learn the best practices for upgrading your infrastructure, what you need to consider about your existing wired infrastructure, and design & infrastructure implications.

Elevating the Student Experience: Network Solutions for Engaging Digital Natives

On Demand

Watch this webinar to learn how IT can help ensure a great student experience that addresses the needs of digital natives by delivering a home-away-from-home experience, providing hassle-free access, and engaging students in campus life.

Simple & Secure Onboarding for BYOD

On Demand

Listen to Nick Wright, ICT Services Manager for Blackpool & The Fylde College, explain how implementing a secure network with increased capacity ​and a certificate-based security approach solved the challenges that were plaguing his IT staff.