Better Hotel Wi-Fi for Higher Guest Satisfaction

Taken a look at your TripAdvisor ratings lately? If things are looking ugly, there may be a simple explanation: bad Wi-Fi. 83 percent of hotel guests take the time to report a bad Wi-Fi experience, and 36 percent won’t rebook if they had one. You can invest all you want in snazzy rooms and fancy lobbies. If your guests can’t get a strong, consistent wireless connection—for all their devices and multimedia applications, everywhere on your property—they won’t be coming back. 

Don’t stress though, Ruckus has you covered. There’s a reason why 70 percent of the hospitality market—and 86 percent of the world’s luxury properties—rely on Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi. We can help you deliver world-class wireless connectivity that your guests can brag about. 

High Performance Everywhere, for All Your Guests’ Devices

If you could look around your property’s radio frequency (RF) airspace, you’d see the problem right away: Huge numbers of devices competing for connections. Concrete walls absorbing signals. Dead spots in unexpected places that drop your guests’ connections and raise their blood pressure. 

Ruckus wireless access points with patented BeamFlex+ adaptive antenna technology optimize connections for each and every guest device. They automatically adapt for interference and other problems in real time, so your guests can use more devices, in more places, with the same great connection. It’s why hotels using Ruckus have seen Wi-Fi complaints drop by 80 percent or more. 

Don’t Just Connect Your Guests, Connect With Them

You’re already providing Wi-Fi as an amenity (at least, in the same way that elevators and hot water are amenities). Your guests are connecting from the moment they set foot on the property. Why not use that infrastructure to provide more convenient hotel services and grow your bottom line?

With the same high-performance Ruckus Wi-Fi platform, you can speed up check-in and check-out services from any smart device. You can connect guests with hotel information, spa services, special promotions and more. You can even use location-based services (interactive maps, location-based advertising) that tie directly into your loyalty programs. 

Guest Access That’s a Breeze for Visitors and IT

Take a moment to sympathize with your IT team. Ensuring that all of the thousands of different smart devices out there can log onto your Wi-Fi without a problem, dodging complaints from frustrated users battling cumbersome guest servers, all the time trying to keep everything secure—it’s an operational nightmare. OK, you’ve taken a moment, now do something about it. 

Ruckus can make guest onboarding simple, seamless and secure. Let guests use social media, loyalty program credentials or any other means you prefer to log onto your Wi-Fi. Provide future access after the first log-on automatically, without users having to do anything. And do it all through a self-service portal that’s branded for your property and protects every connection with the gold standard in Wi-Fi security.  

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BeamFlex Adaptive Antenna Technology

Performance Optimization

What it means:

Smart, compact adaptive antenna systems containing multiple elements that electrically manipulate antenna properties so as to create optimal antenna patterns for each device with which they communicate.

Why you should care:

Traditional wireless antennas are either “omnidirectional” (radiating signals in all directions) or “directional” (radiating signals in one direction). Ruckus BeamFlex Adaptive Antenna Technology takes a more adaptable approach. BeamFlex technology enables the antenna system within a Ruckus AP to continually sense and optimize for its environment.

This antenna system mitigates radio interference, noise and network performance issues, and improves application flows. The results:

  • Increased performance and range
  • Crystal clear video and voice communications
  • Maximized power efficiency

BeamFlex+ is an enhancement to Ruckus BeamFlex adaptive antenna technology by providing adaptive support to mobile devices. BeamFlex+ enables antennas to adapt to client device orientation in addition to client device location.