WiFi SPARK is the creator of SPARK® EMS (Enhanced Managed Service) the innovative and flexible guest Wi-Fi management platform. Created for the Enterprise and Carrier markets, WiFi SPARK has developed seamless integration with Ruckus’ highly scalable WLAN products, ensuring that no other wireless network provider can offer the same adaptability, scalability, features and ultimately, return on investment. CPE or CO managed solutions support local ZoneDirector or central VsZ deployments.

The revolutionary architecture of SPARK® enables businesses to provide a branded WiFi experience to visitors, and target additional revenue streams through advertising and data collection. WiFi SPARK facilitates hundreds of thousands of device connections through its platform each week. Fully customizable and with endless applications, WiFi SPARK offers a completely tailored service to suit each individual customer. Adaptable features enable hotspot site owners to benefit from a truly personalized Wi-Fi service, and for users to benefit from an unrivalled Wi-Fi experience. WiFi SPARK solution offerings range from single small sites to large-scale urban deployments, all based on the unique SPARK® software platform.

For further information on WiFi SPARK, visit www.wifispark.com.