Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi Supported AP Models

Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi supports a broad range of our latest 802.11ac access points.

Ruckus Indoor APs

Ruckus Outdoor APs

Unleashed Indoor APs

Unleashed Outdoor APs

  • For datasheets by language, please refer to the product pages or go to the datasheet section in Resources
  • Most Ruckus APs manufactured after November 2016 are supported by Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi. To find out whether your APs have the right cloud-ready firmware, please check this knowledge base article.​
  • The models manufactured before November 2016 (see the knowledge base article) need to be firmware upgraded to version 104 or later before connecting to the Ruckus Cloud. Visit Ruckus Support for more information.
  • If you currently have a ZoneDirector or SmartZone controller onsite, please disable automatic AP addition option on the controller prior to connecting a new AP to Ruckus Cloud.
  • If you intend to migrate existing controller-managed Ruckus APs to Cloud, please contact your Ruckus Partner.