Secure Network Onboarding

Network Security

What it means:

Network onboarding is the process by which a BYOD, guest or IT-owned device gains access to the network for the first time. Secure network onboarding means doing this in a way that enhances security for users, devices, data, and the network.

Why you should care:

BYOD and guest users often incur frustration with default methods for network onboarding. Default methods such as MAC authentications and conventional PSKs are not intuitive for users, leading to numerous help desk tickets. Default methods of onboarding and authentication are also not secure. An effective system for secure network onboarding improves end-user experience for BYOD users and guests. It relieves IT of the burden of excessive help desk tickets related to network access, and improves IT security as part of a layered protection strategy. Ruckus offers Cloudpath Enrollment System software/SaaS for this purpose.

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