Client Roaming and SmartRoam+

Performance Optimization

What it means:

Client roaming allows wireless devices to switch from one AP to another more quickly and intelligently as they move through a space. This is especially important for latency- and quality-of-service (QoS)-sensitive applications like voice and video, where sticking too long with an AP as you move away from it will degrade performance.

Why you should care:

If you’re using a mobile device, you’re likely to be, well, mobile. Which means your experience will suffer if your device doesn’t know when to switch from the AP you connected with when you walked in the door to the one across the convention hall where you are now. Unfortunately, many devices get “stuck” to their previous AP for too long. This is especially problematic for voice and video applications, and a major source of frustration in high-density environments.

With Ruckus SmartRoam+ technology, you can force clients to switch to a new AP when their signal gets too weak. Your users get better roaming. And, even more important in dense public venues, you won’t waste network capacity communicating with too many devices over slower, weaker connections.