Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi

Simply Better Cloud Managed Wi-Fi

Growing Wi-Fi demands outstripping your IT resources? No problem. Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi radically simplifies WLAN setup and management. Provision, monitor and troubleshoot your entire Wi-Fi network through a single web dashboard or mobile app.

The Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi service works with a wide variety of Ruckus access points (APs). You get easy management. Your users get a consistently great Wi-Fi experience – fast, reliable and secure.

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Simple, Intuitive Cloud Managed WiFi +
Use fewer APs to cover a given area and number of users or use the same number of APs to serve more users and more traffic, extending network longevity.
Provide a great Wi-Fi experience, no matter how challenging your user, interference or physical environment.
Better ensure that each and every user is connected with sufficient bandwidth to support their applications.
Intent-Driven User Interface
Enable employees of all skill and experience levels to manage the WLAN.
Get WLAN management tasks done faster.
Add new sites faster by pre-configuring them.
Critical event auto-notification maximizes network uptime and minimize status-checking.
Venue-driven design speeds and simplifies network configuration.
Analytics & Reporting
Up to six-month network data retention enables more accurate growth planning
From application visibility to detailed RF related reports at highly granular 15-minute intervals, IT staff are able to monitor and optimize network characteristics much more holistically.
Mobile App
Manage and monitor the network from any Android or iOS device.
Shorten deployment duration by scanning APs—automatically adding them to the network.
Instantly set up guest access while away from your desk.
Dynamically insert your own advertisements (photos or text) onto your guest Wi-Fi portal at any time.
Guest Management
Promote your brand by customizing your captive portals.
Connect your guests quickly and easily with social login and email/SMS guest passes
Apply different network privileges to guest users on the network.
Set up dedicated and separate workflows for sponsored guest and self-help guest Wi-Fi configurations.


  • Number of APs Supported
    Virtually unlimited
  • Clients
    Virtually unlimited
  • Physical Size
  • Ethernet Ports
  • Authentication Support
    PSK, 802.1x, Active Directory, RADIUS, LDAP, SMS, social login, open
  • Guest Networking / Captive Portal
  • DHCP Server
    External or assigned
  • AP Discovery and Control
  • Management Interface
    Web, mobile app
  • Management Protocol(s)
  • VLAN Support
    Dynamic VLANs
  • Deployment
    Local Breakout
  • Power Supply
    APs powered using PoE or optional power supply
  • Fans
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