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Smart Wireless Services And Software

Cloudpath, a Ruckus Company

Secure and Automated Device Enablement

Cloudpath, a Ruckus Company

The Cloudpath™ Enrollment System (ES) is a plug-and-play solution that embodies the onboarding, RADIUS and mobile-centric PKI capabilities necessary to deliver a set-it-and-forget-it Wi-Fi user experience in diverse environments with minimal IT involvement.

ES is designed to be a single portal of entry for any user and device accessing the network, with support for employees, guests, contractors, partners and more. With support for the full spectrum of Wi-Fi use cases in a simple, intuitive system, ES allows administrators to adopt secure, certificate-based Wi-Fi quickly, easily and with a reduced learning curve.

With ES, users get connected quickly and securely through self-service, automated onboarding across a wide array of device types. Just as importantly, ES ensures users stay connected over the long term, in spite of password changes, challenges and issues.

Cloudpath™software brings standards-based security to diverse and unmanaged environments in a manner that is scalable and sustainable. From wireless networks with WPA2-enterprise to wired networks with 802.1X, Cloudpath ensures that users are effortlessly provisioned and connected to the secure network across a wide range of laptops, phones and tablets. 

The software provides a common point of entry for all new devices entering the environment, determines the appropriate security policy for each and provides automated, self-service configuration to enable that policy. It ensures each device complies with and is provisioned appropriately for your policies, today and in the future.

Cloudpath combines the low cost and ubiquity of the native 802.1X supplicants with the manageability and ease-of-use traditionally associated with expensive third-party supplicants. In situations where the native supplicant doesn’t fit your exact needs, the software has the ability to augment to provide the features you need, all in a minimally invasive manner.

Cloudpath Enrollment System

Cloudpath Enrollment System (ES) provides a scalable, standards-based security solution that greatly reduces management demands even in the face of the skyrocketing growth in the numbers and diversity of devices requiring varied levels of access to the network. ES also serves as an integral piece in protecting an organization from the increasing sophistication of cyber-attacks attempting unauthorized access and data theft, destruction or corruption. 

Unprecedented levels of automation and flexibility make Cloudpath ES easy and simple. It automates configuration for all major operating systems and segregates personal devices from those which are IT-owned while maintaining device-by-device visibility and control.

  • Multi-vendor solution ideal for any existing infrastructure in every vertical
  • Automated onboarding for all users, including employees, guests and contractors
  • Intuitive workflow engine for comprehensive policy-driven access
  • Distributes unique certificate per device based on policies
  • Built-in certificate infrastructure and RADIUS server
  • Automates EAP-TLS, the WPA2-enterprise gold standard
  • Supports guest use cases, including sponsorship
  • Differentiates between IT-owned and personal devices
  • Provides visibility into users, devices and policies
  • Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory and Certificate Services
  • Integrates with external LDAP and RADIUS servers
  • Integrates with your existing WLAN
  • Deployable on premise as a VMware server(s) or as a cloud service.