SmartCell Insight

Wireless Analytics, Insight and Reporting

If you’ve got a Wi-Fi network with hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of access points (APs), you’ve got to keep on top of a wide range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) associated with tens or hundreds of terabytes of data traffic that cross your network every day.

SmartCell Insight (SCI) lets you do it. Designed with large-scale service provider and enterprise networks in mind, SCI enables IT to extract insight from the network. That insight leads to better informed business and operational decisions.

Dive deep into your network

SCI automatically collects data from across the network and generates reports based on established profiles and policies with data granularity- at 15-minute, 1-hour, or 24-hour increments. 

Customize reports for your specific requirements

The Data Explorer feature in SCI allows you to create, customize and tailor reports with ease, so you can focus on just the network metrics and trends most important to you. Pick any combination of network dimensions and metrics.

Feed your business systems the data they need

With northbound APIs and data exporting capability, SCI is ready to integrate with existing BSS/OSS and to provide valuable network data to upstream business intelligence (BI) tools.

Best-in-class Reporting Capabilities
Single point to collect statistics and aggregate metrics from all Ruckus network equipment
Search and analyze data quickly from archive
Standard reports for most common use cases
Custom reports easily generated from any standard browser for specific use cases
Satisfy regulatory requirements by archiving massive amounts of data in an enormously scalable database