SmartCell Insight

Complete reporting and analytics engine

Ruckus SmartCell™ Insight (SCI) is the industry’s first Big Data WiFi analytics and reporting engine purpose built to help enterprises and service providers make informed business decisions regarding the operation of their WiFi networks. It makes use of Big Data technology and storage innovations found in columnar database repositories, which greatly enhance the scale and performance of a system when used to process historical data.

The Ruckus SCI platform transforms traditional network reporting into a vital business tool, collecting, analyzing, parsing, presenting, and storing unprecedented amounts of user, traffic, session, and location information. Data from the largest networks can be stored and retrieved for 5 to 7 years, or more.

Armed with such a vast repository of data and analytics, service providers can now quickly and easily determine, like never before, who is on their WiFi network, what they are doing, when they are doing it, and from where. This can be extended to provide location-based analytics and application recognition both of which will greatly enhance the value of this kind of technology.

SCI gathers real-time and historic data which is analyzed and graphically displayed in an easy to understand format with a wide variety of views and customized reports. The data gathered by Ruckus SCI details essential network statistics such as traffic usage, client and session measurement, network changes, network latency, and inventory.

Best-in-class Reporting Capabilities
Single point to collect statistics and aggregate metrics from all Ruckus network equipment
Search and analyze data quickly from archive
Standard reports for most common use cases
Custom reports easily generated from any standard browser for specific use cases
Satisfy regulatory requirements by archiving massive amounts of data in an enormously scalable database