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ZoneFlex Indoor

ZoneFlex 7372 & 7352 indoor 802.11n access points

Industry’s best performing mobile-ready 2 stream access points

ZoneFlex 7372 & 7352 indoor 802.11n access points

The next generation Ruckus ZoneFlex™ 7372 and 7352 mid-range 802.11n 2x2:2 dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz concurrent access points are designed for high density mobile device environments with bandwidth hungry and latency sensitive applications such as Voice and Video over Wi-Fi. These APs boast Ruckus patented adaptive antennas enhanced with polarization diversity to deliver BeamFlex+. This technology works in conjunction with Ruckus’ advanced channel optimization to provide industry-leading wireless performance. BeamFlex+ combines dynamic polarization diversity with adaptive antenna arrays and transmit beamforming to give customers up to a 4x improvement in Wi-Fi performance, signal gain and reception.

Simply the Best - CARNet Report

Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNet) recently conducted independent Wi-Fi performance testing, showcasing the world's top 802.11ac and 802.11n access points (APs) within a real world high-capacity, high interference classroom environment. Using industry standard test tools, 19 APs were stressed within several progressive testing scenarios. Download the CARNet Report.

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High Capacity and Reliability

Ruckus ZoneFlex 7372 is one of the industry’s first dual-band, three-stream 802.11n access point that incorporates Ruckus-patented BeamFlex+™ adaptive antenna arrays. Coupled BeamFlex+ that incorporates transmit beamforming (TxBF), when available, the ZoneFlex 7372 delivers the highest throughput of any AP in its class.

The ZoneFlex 7372 ensures the most reliable connectivity within challenging and ever-changing RF environments. With BeamFlex+, the ZoneFlex 7372 offers a 2-4x increase in performance and range and is capable of delivering up to 4dB of signal-to-interference-plus-noise (SINR) improvement and up to 15dB of interference mitigation over other APs. Capable of supporting 500 concurrent clients, the ZoneFlex 7372 simultaneously supports spatial multiplexing and BeamFlex+ to deliver the best price/performance of any two-stream 802.11n AP.

With a theoretical throughput of 300Mbps per radio, the ZoneFlex 7372 ensures maximum throughput to three-stream capable clients while also improving single and dual-stream client performance.

Pervasive Performance

The ZoneFlex 7372 integrates a patented software-controlled adaptive antenna array that delivers additional signal gain per radio chain. As BeamFlex+ adapts to client locations and RF signal polarity, the smart antenna array transmit and receive on a per packet basis. This allows for up to 4x improvement in signal range and a reduction in packet loss. By combining BeamFlex+ with the transmit-based beamforming, the ZoneFlex 7372 is capable of delivering up to 4dB of transmission gain.

Dynamic Clients

In dynamic indoor and urban Wi-Fi environments, mobile device orientation constantly changes. This affects the polarization of the transmissions. Traditional Wi-Fi antennas are static in nature and only listen using one polarization. This prevents them from capturing the full signal from mobile client devices. The Ruckus 7372 listens in all polarizations simultaneously. This results in over 2x (4dB) gain to mobile devices with weak transmitters.

Effect of Polarization