Ruckus Q410

Indoor LTE Access Point for the 3.5GHz CBRS Band

The Ruckus Q410 is an indoor, ceiling or wall -mounted LTE Access Point for CBRS. Q410 can be deployed by itself, or plugged in to existing Ruckus WiFi access points such as the R510, R610 and R720 for the ultimate in upgradeability and future-proofing.

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  • Technology
    3GPP Release 13 TD-LTE Small Cell (eNodeB)
  • Frequency Band
    CBRS B48 (3550-3700 MHz)
  • MIMO Configuration
    Dual 2x2 MIMO
  • Max EIRP
    1/2 W
  • Max Bandwidth
    20 MHz
  • Bandwidth Configurations (MHz)
    10, 20
  • Max Throughput
    100 Mbps
  • Max Simultaneous (RRC Connected) Users
  • Data Interface
    1Gb Ethernet


Easy Upgrade from Wi-Fi
The Ruckus Q410 offers the simplest way to add CBRS capability to your existing WiFi network. Aggregating up to two adjacent CBRS channels, Q410 can offer over 100Mbps of combined throughput to users in high-density areas such as stadiums, hotels and enterprise environments.
Multiple Applications
From mobile coverage and capacity, to Private LTE and neutral host networks, Q410 covers a broad gamut of CBRS use cases.
Advanced Technology
Q410 is packed with advanced 3GPP and proprietary technology, such as 20MHz channel bandwidth, Self-Organizing Networks (SON), Self-Organizing Timing and Zero-Touch Provisioning™ that make the solution both extremely powerful as well as easy to deploy.
Wi-Fi-Like Simplicity
Q410 is ideal for in-building LTE wireless networks that deploy with the economics and simplicity of Wi-Fi.
Attractive Design
Q410 looks and feels like a Wi-Fi access point. Its attractive design is ideal for hospitality, education, large office, MTU/MDU, retail, public venues and similar environments. It can even be hidden above ceiling tiles or painted to virtually disappear into the environment.