Syniverse, Ruckus and Federated Wireless Enable Private LTE Networks Leveraging Shared CBRS Spectrum for Enterprises

Private LTE network launched at Syniverse Innovation Lab opens a new era in high-quality, high-security mobility

TAMPA, Fla. – Feb. 26, 2019 Syniverse is partnering with Ruckus Networks, an ARRIS company, and Federated Wireless to allow companies to set up private long-term evolution (LTE) networks using the U.S. Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum to power secure data connectivity for the digital transformation of enterprise applications.

“With Syniverse’s secure network capabilities, Ruckus’ connectivity expertise, and Federated Wireless’s spectrum-sharing proficiency, we’ve launched a CBRS-based LTE network in Syniverse’s Innovation Lab,” said Michael O’Brien, Group Vice President, Corporate Development and Strategy, Syniverse. “The network offers service to companies that need to take advantage of an LTE network with in-building and outdoor coverage and capacity expansion on a massive scale. The network offers an alternative to unsecured Wi-Fi connectivity that is easy to deploy and offers cost-efficient local network capabilities.”

Companies often offer subpar Wi-Fi access for guests or employees to use for data connectivity and enterprise applications. By launching an integrated CBRS-backed connectivity solution, companies can enable a higher quality user experience and a higher level of security from cyberattacks over Wi-Fi networks. Known as the ‘innovation band,’ CBRS spectrum was recently freed up by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to foster a wide range of applications that require the mobility, security and quality-of-service attributes of LTE through a dedicated spectrum (150 MHz).

“CBRS marks a new era in mobile services, which makes it easier and less expensive for businesses to meet demanding application requirements,” said Joel Lindholm, Vice President, LTE Business, Ruckus Networks. “A private LTE network enables secure applications, including tablets and handhelds in healthcare environments, transmission of user data in smart meters, and IoT-connected devices in remote areas. Together, we’re opening up compelling new use cases that only private LTE networks can effectively address.”

The private LTE network is being managed through Syniverse’s Innovation Lab and powered by LTE access points (also known as small cells) by Ruckus, a Spectrum Controller by Federated Wireless, and an Evolved Packet Core by Syniverse. Ruckus’ LTE access points offer a range of capabilities for improving wireless coverage, adding targeted capacity and supporting new services and user experiences. Federated Wireless’ Spectrum Controller manages the allocation to provide clean spectrum for the private LTE network while securely sharing with federal incumbents. In parallel, Syniverse’s Evolved Packet Core is a framework for LTE networks that do the heavy lifting involved with cellular radio transmissions and enables the gateways, mobility management systems and databases to allow users to connect to specific networks. The entire network is protected by Syniverse Secure Global Access to prevent companies from being vulnerable to cyberattacks that stem from connectivity via Wi-Fi and the public internet.

“As mobile service continues to become a core element of how the world does business, service quality, efficiency and security have become more critical,” said Iyad Tarazi, President and CEO, Federated Wireless. “CBRS provides a large slice of high-quality, versatile spectrum for commercial use, opening up endless possibilities through new private LTE and industrial IoT applications. This solution harnesses the versatility of CBRS to offer private LTE networks that are easy to set up with high security and outstanding coverage for high-quality user experiences in any environment.”

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