Ruckus Achieves the 100 Hotels Milestone in Thailand

BANGKOK, THAILAND, January 30, 2012 - Ruckus Wireless™, the smart wireless networking company, today announced that its hospitality customer deployments have reached the century mark milestone. Since starting its operation in 2008, Ruckus capitalized from the explosive growth in demand from hotels to offer complete wireless high-speed Internet Access (HSIA) coverage for multiple wireless-only devices brought in by their guests. Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi was selected by many global hospitality management groups including Sukhothai, Marriott, Fairmont Raffles Hotel International, Hilton, Banyan Tree, Fraser Suites, Andara Villa, to name a few. Le Meridien Chiang Mai Hotel became the 100th hospitality customer of Ruckus in Thailand in December 2011.

There has been an explosive growth in demand for more advanced Wi-Fi technologies in the hospitality sector since Ruckus set its foot in Thailand in 2008. Thailand, which received over 19 million visitors in 2011, were among the first few countries in Asia to face the onslaught of a new generation of travelers, toting multiple wireless-only devices with sticky mobile apps running in their smart phones, and demand to stay online anywhere within the hotel premises.

“Mobile Internet creates opportunities for the hospitality industry. Thai hotels are always ahead of the pack in offering distinguished guest services. The need for seamless wireless connectivity was not high in the guests’ list 4 years ago but hotels in Thailand saw that the need for seamless wireless connectivity would become a must-have for full-service hotels,” said Louis Au, Vice President of Asia Pacific, Ruckus Wireless, “Ruckus’ state-of-the-art ZoneFlex access points (APs), featuring adaptive antenna technology, give hotels a very simple yet most cost-effective way to outfit the hotel with complete Wi-Fi coverage with minimal cabling work.”

“Our guests are using their smart phones and tablets to access the Internet everywhere in our hotel. Our old system however was only able to give spotty coverage and the capacity was not enough to handle the aggregate throughput and the volume of devices connecting to the network simultaneously,” said Chaiyaphan Pornsatit, IT Manager of The Sukhothai Bangkok. “We tested a number of enterprise wireless LAN products commonly found in today’s enterprises, but only Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi impressed us.” Pornsatit added.

Unlike conventional Wi-Fi products, each Ruckus ZoneFlex AP integrates a miniaturized adaptive antenna array that directs Wi-Fi signals only where they are needed – constantly focusing and steering RF energy over the best performing signal path. This ensures higher data rates at longer ranges while extending the range and reducing the number of APs needed to cover any given area.

“We didn’t just buy what Ruckus claimed until we saw the trial at our hotel - increase in throughput, more stable signals, faster and more reliable connectivity,” said Chaiyaphan. “Ruckus’ access points were also very easy to deploy and greatly reduce the disruptions to our guests, which is very important for our business.”

Leading hospitality brands, including Urbana Langsuan, Millenium Hilton, Conrad and Banyan Tree were the first batch of hotels to adopt Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi systems in 2008. Since then, Ruckus has gained positive feedback and highly regarded by the hospitality community in Thailand based on the customer satisfaction survey they conducted. Le Meridien Chiang Mai Hotel, which selected Ruckus’ Smart Wi-Fi in December 2011, marked the century milestone for Ruckus deployment in Thai hospitality industry.

“We are gratified with the trusts and support from 100 hotels in Thailand,” said Au, “The rapid adoption of Ruckus’ smart Wi-Fi by such a significant number of hotels and resorts, including several global hospitality brands, attests to the unmatched advantage and quality of our products and technologies.”