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Services Partners

Ruckus Services Partners are companies with significant experience in wireless network design and deployment. Qualified candidates are required to meet specific criteria and execute a services contract with Ruckus *. To ensure the highest level of quality in services to our customers, Services Partners are entitled to product information, training (online and specialized), invites to special events, access to our experts, technical support, joint marketing and project referrals. The Service Partners are expected to excel in providing carrier quality work and deliverables for network architecture design, Wi-Fi RF planning, installation, commissioning, test and integration. Partners are also required to maintain Ruckus trained personnel on staff and the tools required for RF design and test.

The Services Program ensures Ruckus carrier customers have access to proven, skilled resources who will work closely with Ruckus Wireless Professional Services staff to meet their specific project needs anywhere in the world.

Acceptance Criteria

  • ISO/TL 9000 Certification
  • At least 1 Carrier MSA in place
  • Continent/Country Service Presence
  • Can scale quickly to perform work in several regions simultaneously
  • Can provide Turnkey services; including design, integration, test, installation and project management
  • Maintain at least 2 Ruckus WISE trained engineers per region/office
  • Bondable and insured (certificated)

* Acceptance also depends on current Ruckus business demands in the region.

For more information, please contact [email protected]