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Participate in the RIOT Program

The Ruckus Interoperability and Open Testing (RIOT) initiative is an application certification program developed specifically to ensure seamless integration and operation of select third-party applications with Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi products and technology.

For Enterprises, we work with companies offering applications such as VoWi-Fi, Real Time Location Services, network access control and IP video security. We establish product inter-operability and form a working relationship focused on co-marketing and channel oriented programs.

For Service Providers, we focus on inter-operability testing and documentation for 3GPP core infrastructure, smart clients, planning and management tools and similar products which operators will need to integrate with their Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Operator Infrastructure

The RIOT initiative significantly enhances the value proposition of partner applications for prospective enterprise and service provider clients.

Once certified, RIOT members benefit from:

  • Proven, documented solutions
  • Visibility to Ruckus's channel and customer base
  • Ongoing training
  • Sales and marketing tools and initiatives

Once members have completed RIOT certification, they can optionally participate in a variety of co-marketing activities based on the market opportunity and our mutual interests. All members will have complete review of and control over the language that describes their participating in the program prior to the public dissemination of program information.

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