The Executive Centre Selects and Deploys Business Critical Ruckus Wireless Smart Wi-Fi Across 21 Countries in APAC

First Serviced Office Provider in APAC to Deploy Wave 2 802.11ac Smart Wi-Fi, Providing Grade A Connectivity to More than 15,000 Clients

HONG KONG – June 16, 2016 – Ruckus Wireless, Inc. today announced that The Executive Centre has selected and deployed Ruckus 802.11ac wave 2 Smart Wi-Fi for its serviced offices in more than 80 locations across 21 cities – including Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Sydney, Tokyo, Taipei, Mumbai, Seoul and Jakarta. The Executive Centre is the first serviced office provider to deploy the next generation network in Asia Pacific, supporting more than 15,000 individual clients with a high performance, high capacity Smart Wi-Fi network.

Based on a core concept of delivering best-in-class service in every city it serves, The Executive Centre offers businesses an opportunity to achieve office space flexibility, cost effectiveness and productivity. Its clients include large, established technology companies and promising start-ups.

As a premium serviced office space provider, The Executive Centre is also committed to providing the best connectivity to meet the increasing digital needs of its clients. Much like the hospitality sector, Wi-Fi has quickly become a critical amenity The Executive Centre must offer its clients.

However, each company has different needs, different devices to connect and different requirements for the network, creating a complex environment where nothing can go wrong. One unpleasant experience will prompt the business to simply pack up and find another serviced office provider to meet its needs.

“Today, with the rapid adoption of smartphone and mobile devices, businesses are no longer bound to the desks in their offices, but are increasingly working everywhere and anywhere, displaying a clear need for being constantly connected. Mobile connectivity for our clients is no longer an amenity, it’s a must have. With Ruckus’s Wave2 Wi-Fi technology, we are able to develop a robust, scalable, reliable Wi-Fi infrastructure, helping us to deliver exceptional client services and improve client retention, further helping us differentiate our brand in the market,” remarked Paul Salnikow, chairman and chief executive officer of The Executive Centre.

An Executive Decision for Smart Wi-Fi

Originally, The Executive Centre provided Internet connectivity through wired connections across its centres, using Wi-Fi as a secondary connectivity network. With the clients’ growing demand for wireless Internet access over the last 36 months, the Company engaged its legacy provider to cater additional wireless connectivity by provisioning additional access points (APs) for high density coverage. However, the management platform was not stable enough to manage the incremental connectivity with noted interference among these new devices.

To resolve the issues, The Executive Centre made the decision to look for a new 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless solution. Following its research into Wi-Fi providers and discussions with industry professionals, it became apparent Ruckus Wireless was the best solution for its needs.

“In view of the demand for high quality Wi-Fi becoming a pre-requisite for businesses, it was time to upgrade our infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of our clients and continue to deliver a business-class solution,” said Salnikow. “We have an uncompromising standard for our serviced offices and it was clear Ruckus was the solution that was going to meet this standard. Our selection and trial process confirmed our choice in using Ruckus was the right one to provide business-class Wi-Fi for our clients.”

Business Benefits of Smart Wi-Fi

The Executive Centre deployed more than 170 Ruckus ZoneFlex™ R710 802.11ac wave 2 APs, and centrally manages the networks throughout itscentre network, using a cluster of Ruckus SmartZone™ controllers.

“The move to a complete gigabit class infrastructure gives us the power to meet the future and demanding client requirements, many of which are hard to even anticipate. The easy choice would have been to stick with our original provider, but choosing Ruckus was the right move to us,” said Salnikow.

Ruckus patented BeamFlex™ and ChannelFly™ technologies have been of significant benefit to mitigating interference and boosting performance across its serviced office locations.

The upgrade to Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi has also enabled The Executive Centre to better monetize its Wi-Fi networks. Prior to the upgrade, The Executive Centre offered its clients one communications package at a set price. Now, it has three tiers of packages to gain Wi-Fi access—Free, Premium and Premium+.

“Reliable Wi-Fi is no longer a nice-to-have amenity, it’s a prerequisite for doing business. We are the gold standard in the hospitality sector, particularly for the luxury hotels. It’s no different for the serviced office industry,” explained Linda Hui, managing director at Ruckus Wireless Hong Kong, Taiwan and Philippines. “With Ruckus, The Executive Centre’s serviced office locations will be able to provide a Grade A, business-class smart Wi-Fi solution that will meet and go beyond the expectations of their tenants.”

As it looks towards the future, The Executive Centre is planning to roll-out Ruckus wireless solutions across its new serviced office locations, with a dedication to providing the best services and solutions to meet the ever-changing market demands and client needs.


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