Ruckus Networks at ISTE 2019 in Philadelphia

Booth #1438 | June 23rd - 26th, 2019
Pennsylvania Convention Center

Ruckus builds converged access networks to provide safe and reliable digital learning

It is no longer sufficient to merely provided a connected classroom.  That's table stakes. Schools progressing to the next stage of digital learning need to support more video than ever - for learning, collaboration and safety. Most schools are only ~15% digital curriculum delivery, yet struggle with connectivity.  Most districts are also considering options to address Digital Equity for their poorer students who lack reliable broadband access outside of school. In addition, networks for facilities/building automation and operations security create cost, complexity and coordination challenges. Ruckus helps schools solve for and transition to their desired phase, address Digital Equity, and deliver new innovations that are changing the role of the network in education.

Come to the Ruckus booth for a demo of VR, IoT, or cloud management and see our latest products announced this week at the show!  You might even win a stuffed Ruckus puppy!

Case study,c_fill,g_auto,q_... Wilton Public School

La rete cablata e wireless Ruckus offre agli studenti l'accesso al mondo

Wilton Public School

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Gli AP Ruckus e Cloud Wi-Fi consentono alle scuole nelle aree rurali di passare all'apprendimento digitale

Swan River School

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Case study

Il distretto sostituisce una rete scarsamente efficiente a favore di un'istruzione all'avanguardia

Dublin Unified School District

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