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Ruckus @ HITEC Booth #601 | June 18 - 21, 2018

Top-tier hotels already know that using Ruckus Wi-Fi means higher guest satisfaction.

But the bar is getting higher. Guests want and need more. Yes, they want awesome Wi-Fi for all their devices, but they want their rooms also to be smart. You need IoT for that. So, are you going to deploy stand-alone IoT networks to make your rooms smart? Maybe one IoT network for each IoT service? (Didn’t think so.) What if you could easily add IoT to the Wi-Fi network you already have? One Wi-Fi + IoT network for all your services? With the Ruckus IoT Suite, you can.

While we’re at it: what if you could make the LTE service inside your hotel better, so guests can get a signal everywhere within the hotel property? Well, you can. With your own private LTE network powered by the Ruckus OpenG LTE portfolio.

Are you ready to talk about achieving a new level of guest experience and loyalty? We are.

Join us at HiTEC (booth #601) to learn how you can transform the guest experience. You’ll see:

  • A Ruckus IoT Suite demo with hospitality IoT ecosystem partners
  • Private LTE with Ruckus OpenG LTE access points
  • The latest in Ruckus speed and simplicity, featuring 802.11ax and Ruckus SmartZone

To learn more about the event visit HITEC Houston website.

“In today’s competitive hospitality environment, our guests rely on fast and reliable Wi-Fi. Ruckus Wi-Fi has proven over time to be the most reliable and highest performing solution for our guests. Our properties that have Ruckus are top performers in guest satisfaction, outperforming those with other solutions. Ruckus is our go-to Wi-Fi solution!” Jason Greene, Information.

Technology Officer, Maine Course Hospitality Group

Beyond Wi-Fi: How Will You Up Your Game?

Speaker: Scott Heinlein, Director of Marketing for the Hospitality Segment Ruckus Networks
Time: 2:00 – 2:15 pm CT
Location: Level 1, Exhibit Hall, End of Aisle 1500

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Internet of Things (IoT)

General Networking Technologies

What it means:

The Internet of things (IoT) refer to common physical devices – such as an electric bulb, lock, washing machine or even an automobile augmented with software and internet connectivity.

Why you should care:

The direct benefit is the ability to monitor and control these IoT devices from anywhere in the world. IoT devices can collect data, which can be used to enhance user experiences, improve organizational efficiency or reduce organizational costs. IoT can also enable organizations to offer new services along with their existing products.

For instance, smart locks can enhance the security for a home owner or a guest at a hotel. Intelligent lighting controls can reduce energy usage. Additionally, connected trash cans can inform a waste management company when it is full and thus require a collection process.

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Internet-of-Things (IoT) Access Network

General Networking Technologies

What it means:

An IoT access network connects both Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi IoT endpoints over a converged, multi-standard, physical network. 

Why you should care:

An An IoT access network connects both Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi IoT endpoints over a converged, multi-standards physical network. Such a network unifies and reuses the same device onboarding, security and management infrastructure of an existing wired and wireless network to reduce costs thus enabling organizations to more quickly realize benefits from IoT endpoints and services.

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