SPoT Location Ecosystem

The CoffeeBean Social-ID Marketing Platform identifies your customers and connects them with your brand on a personal level.   The Social-ID Marketing Platform uses social plugins such as a social login that is installed on the company's website, e-commerce, mobile apps, Facebook Fanpage or Wi-Fi to capture the customer's social profile that is saved into the customer identity "live" database and is used for personalized and real-time marketing and to create a single view of your customers.

Encapto Cloud Deck is a one-stop configuration, management, reporting and control system for your Wi-Fi network. Encapto Cloud Deck’s intuitive web interface enables secure access from anywhere, so managing even the most complex Wi-Fi network becomes a breeze. Encapto is built by Wi-Fi integrators for Wi-Fi integrators. Ten years’ experience in building sophisticated Wi-Fi networks goes into every Encapto feature. Encapto offers the flexibility of local onsite or cloud hosted services. Either way, your Wi-Fi system is always secure, available and scalable.

Cloud4Wi offers the industry-leading Volare™ services platform for advanced guest Wi-Fi. With Volare, retail chains, restaurant chains, and shopping malls build their brands by leveraging their existing Wi-Fi networks to provide superior on-site mobile experiences, while gaining valuable customer insights.

AVSystem Linkyfi is a cutting-edge public access Wi-Fi management application integrated with a powerful Wi-Fi marketing platform for large venues such as hotels, restaurant chains, railway stations, shopping malls and airports aiming to deliver value added services and monetize their public Wi-Fi networks.

iQuest is an international IT services group that for more than 16 years has been delivering an extensive portfolio of customized software solutions, products and integration services across Europe, Middle East and the United States.

With a successful combination of technical expertise and service excellence, iQuest drives long-term business value for leading companies in Life Sciences, Telecom, Financial Services, Transportation and Energy.

Entropy Wi-Fi is an end-to-end solution, ranging from the Wi-Fi Mobile Client, Hotspots, Web Portal, AAA, PCRF, Campaign System up to Billing. This caters to stand-alone Wi-Fi access for events, travelers, merchants, off-net users as well as 3G to Wi-Fi off-loading. It supports various authentication technologies such as portal-based authentication and Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP/802.1x). In addition to EAP SIM used for seamless offloading, Entropy Wi-Fi provides an auto-login feature on its Mobile Client for non EAP SIM devices.

SkyFii's cloud based intelligence platform helps brick-n-mortar businesses of all sizes; from boutique retailers, national chains to retail shopping malls, airports and stadiums. Build your businesses competitive advantage by unlocking hidden data and building powerful insights through the analysis of patterns and behaviours of your customers.