Encapto Cloud Deck is a one-stop configuration, management, reporting and control system for your Wi-Fi network. Encapto Cloud Deck’s intuitive web interface enables secure access from anywhere, so managing even the most complex Wi-Fi network becomes a breeze. Encapto is built by Wi-Fi integrators for Wi-Fi integrators. Ten years’ experience in building sophisticated Wi-Fi networks goes into every Encapto feature. Encapto offers the flexibility of local onsite or cloud hosted services. Either way, your Wi-Fi system is always secure, available and scalable.

Cloud4Wi offers the industry-leading Volare™ services platform for advanced guest Wi-Fi. With Volare, retail chains, restaurant chains, and shopping malls build their brands by leveraging their existing Wi-Fi networks to provide superior on-site mobile experiences, while gaining valuable customer insights.

AVSystem Linkyfi is a cutting-edge public access Wi-Fi management application integrated with a powerful Wi-Fi marketing platform for large venues such as hotels, restaurant chains, railway stations, shopping malls and airports aiming to deliver value added services and monetize their public Wi-Fi networks.

Entropy Wi-Fi is an end-to-end solution, ranging from the Wi-Fi Mobile Client, Hotspots, Web Portal, AAA, PCRF, Campaign System up to Billing. This caters to stand-alone Wi-Fi access for events, travelers, merchants, off-net users as well as 3G to Wi-Fi off-loading. It supports various authentication technologies such as portal-based authentication and Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP/802.1x). In addition to EAP SIM used for seamless offloading, Entropy Wi-Fi provides an auto-login feature on its Mobile Client for non EAP SIM devices.