eduCARE Hotel

Hotel and care home: Full-coverage Wi-Fi delights hotel guests and residents alike

The eduCARE seminar hotel and Laetitia care facilities in the Austrian state of Carinthia combine hotel and long-term care offerings in a joint concept. As one of the largest accessible hotels in Europe, eduCARE offers 150 beds and eight flexible seminar rooms for business travellers. Almost 200 residents can be accommodated in the three buildings of the Laetitia care facilities. A highperformance wireless local area network is able to meet the connectivity needs of the hotel guests as well as the care-facility residents.

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  • Implementation of a comprehensive, full-coverage network solution free for all to use
  • Establishment of separate networks of different bandwidths for various user groups
  • Stable infrastructure to enable simultaneous access by high numbers of users
  • Flexible solution allowing set-up of short-term Wi-Fi networks for workshops and seminars
  • Complete, powerful Wi-Fi coverage of the care facilities to meet mandatory documentation requirements
  • Reliable Wi-Fi coverage despite the rural location
  • Installation of 20 indoor 802.11ac wireless access points (AP) on the hotel grounds and a total of 39 access points in the three care-facility buildings
  • Implementation of an expandable and flexible network solution that can grow and keep pace with the business's future needs
  • Positive feedback from the hotel guests in terms of Wi-Fi quality
  • Availability of dedicated Wi-Fis for workshops as an additional service
  • Wi-Fi as the basis for digitalised care and thereby enhancing the attractiveness of job roles in long-term care
  • Simplifying work processes and increasing the productivity of staff
  • The Internet access enables residents and visitors of the Laetitia care facilities to keep in touch and remain part of society