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Smart WiFi for Retail

Cash in on the Connected Consumer

Shoppers are equipped with smartphones that they will use to find key information to drive their purchase decisions. Retailers are challenged with finalizing sales at brick-and-mortar stores while providing high-performance, high-density WiFi guest access.

Transform WiFi into a Critical Marketing Tool with the Ruckus Location-Based Services Solution

Bridge the gap between online shopping and physical stores by gathering insights about your customers shopping behaviors in real-time. View customer footfall and repeat visitor trends to optimize store layout. With engagement APIs and 3rd party applications, push targeted promotions to shoppers’ smartphones and analyze marketing effectiveness. Now retailers can transform their stores into a must-visit destination.

Address High Density Needs with Industry Leading Technology

Deploy a future-ready network with the Ruckus ZoneFlex R710, the industry’s first Wave 2 access point (AP). With MU-MIMO, the R710 delivers increased device density and WiFi monetization opportunities with Internet of Things (IoT) technologies that encourage new business models.

Available in many Ruckus indoor and outdoor access points, Ruckus BeamFlex+ Adaptive Antenna Technology ensures maximum signal coverage, throughput, and network capacity ideal for high-density deployments.