E-rate Eligible Solutions

Filing for E-rate Wi-Fi or E-rate Switching? Ruckus Can Help

The E-rate program has been expanded to make significant improvements to in-building broadband infrastructure at US-based primary education schools. But in the past two years, billions of dollars have been left unused, and it's looking like FY17 will be the third straight year.

Are you leaving money to improve your broadband infrastructure on the table? Don’t miss the opportunity to boost your school’s digital learning capacity.

Maximize the benefits of E-rate with Ruckus’ high performing access points and centrally managed Wi-Fi platforms, including cloud-managed Wi-Fi, and Ruckus ICX Family Switches that scale with increasing demand at a disruptively low cost. To enable digital learning, E-rate’s critical funding and Ruckus can empower your teachers to impart life-long learning to students, preparing them for both the modern world and the future. 

To get started, we have outlined the 6 steps to apply and file for E-rate.

Calculate Your E-Rate Budget! With our calculator, you can easily determine your E-Rate discount percentage and maximum budget. See your discount.

Ruckus is E-rate approved!

Ruckus simplifies your school’s technology needs by making the wired and wireless network easy to deploy, manage, and scale. This includes providing every WLAN architecture option, from plug-and-play simplicity, to cloud Wi-Fi for multi-site school districts, to physical and virtual controller options that offer granular control.

Better yet, Ruckus is an approved E-rate vendor, with many solutions qualifying for E-rate funding. These solutions provide a consistent end-user experiences, whether it is a wired or wireless connection. Brocade and its customers have been participating in the E-rate program since 1998, and thousands of K-12 schools have deployed Brocade Ruckus solutions to support their student and faculty demands.

Don’t wait - use this year’s E-rate funding to update your wired and wireless infrastructure to increase network capacity for scalability, protect student data for increased privacy, and launch new digital learning models to improve student performance. With Ruckus, you can implement an integrated wired and wireless infrastructure within your school district. 

Check out the Ruckus Product Guide to see all of the options for your IT investments.

So why Ruckus?

Here is more information on why Ruckus is the best option for your students digital learning initiatives.

IHS names Brocade Ruckus a leader in WLAN

Brocade achieves leader position in the 2016 IHS Markit Wireless LAN Infrastructure Vendor Scorecard, due to its WLAN provider Ruckus Wireless for top revenue performance for Enterprise WLAN Infrastructure.

Download the IHS Technology Vendor Scorecard 2016 report.

Future Ready Networks for Education Technology

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Raising a Ruckus in the Google Classroom

Deliver unrivaled performance for Chromebooks and Google App Environments to improve student learning, both at home and in the classroom.

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EdTech: Why Ruckus for Uninterrupted Learning

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Ready to design and deploy your #FutureReady campus? Ruckus is an approved E-rate vendor, with many solutions qualifying for E-rate funding. Watch this webinar to learn about our E-rate eligible solutions, and why you should consider Ruckus bids this year. 

How to Design the Ruckus Digital-Ready Campus

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The top three challenges facing primary education are network capacity, student data privacy, and the transition to digital. Attend our webinar to learn more about these challenges, and how you can eliminate them, with scalable, secure, and reliable wireless and wired networking solutions.

E-Rate Program Changes for FY17

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Listen to this exclusive webinar with E-rate expert, Jim Kerr, Principal at KB & Associates LLC, to hear what’s new for the E-rate program in FY17, what products and services are eligible for this program, and how you can successfully apply for funding.

Why Choose Ruckus for E-rate Networks

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Ruckus simplifies your school’s technology needs by making the network easy to deploy, manage, and scale. Better yet, Ruckus is an approved E-rate vendor, with many solutions qualifying for E-rate funding. Join us for a live technical deep dive focused on our E-rate eligible solutions.