Virtual SmartZone – High Scale (vSZ-H)

Virtual Wireless LAN Controller for Operators, ISPs and Large Campus

If you’re looking to build an all-virtual wireless LAN  in your data center or private cloud, look no further. If you need it to be multi-tenant capable to support your Wi-Fi managed services business, you’ve come to the right place. Virtual SmartZone - High Scale (vSZ-H) is a carrier-grade WLAN controller that gives you the flexibility you need to manage complex network architectures—and business models—for networks of practically any scale.

Want more control over the end-user experience? We’ve got you covered. Manage quality of experience with intuitive, visual troubleshooting and analytics tools.

Together with Ruckus access points – you get scale, control and deployment flexibility and your users get a consistently great Wi-Fi experience—fast, reliable and secure.

Offer Great WaaS

Virtual SmartZone - High Scale enables service providers to easily, flexibly and securely deliver Wi-Fi-as-a-Service (WaaS).

  • Sophisticated zone and domain segmentation gives MSPs the flexibility to enable non-hosting service providers with their own domains, to run different SmartZone OS versions in different zones, and countless other options.
  • Independent, containerized tenants minimize the risk of degraded end user experience and enhances data privacy between tenants.

Lower CAPEX by Going Virtual

An all-virtual WLAN puts CAPEX where it’s needed most, while supporting network flexibility.

  • A single low-cost license and a commodity x86 server with any popular hypervisor is all that’s needed for a vSZ-H instance. A single cluster scales to 30,000 APs.
  • Active/Active 3+1 clustering eliminates wasted idle controller capacity and data loss during redundant failover, while minimizing configuration time when nodes are added.
  • Ruckus vSZ-H centralizes WLAN management and flexibly integrates with the Ruckus vSZ-D or external WLAN gateways to accommodate complex data plane routing topologies.
  • Offload WLAN and connectivity services such as DHCP/NAT to the AP or vSZ-D to reduce expenses for separate routers and servers.

Deliver a Better Quality of Experience

The vSZ-H gives IT the tools to ensure a better end-user Quality of Experience (QoE), while simplifying their workflow.

  • Visual Connection Diagnostics lets IT troubleshoot client connection problems in real-time, helping to pinpoint the stage at which the failure occurs.
  • Ruckus “super-KPIs” enable IT to more quickly detect and react to potential user experience degradation.
  • Near real-time push streaming enables IT to access the full ruckus KPI library from their preferred analytics tool with no delay, no fidelity loss and no need to create a firewall pinhole.
  • Easily monitor networks with a customizable interface and view topology maps, AP health, cluster health, traffic analysis, spectrum analysis and more.

Deploy Great Wi-Fi

Ruckus is known for exceptional Wi-Fi performance even under the most challenging network conditions. This means exceptionally happy users.

  • Independent report shows Ruckus APs outperforming all other 802.11ac wireless APs.
  • Patented Ruckus BeamFlex adaptive antenna technology creates optimal antenna patterns for each device.
  • ChannelFly technology dynamically switches a client to a better channel if the one it’s using starts to degrade.
Mass Scale, Virtually
The vSZ-H makes possible an all-virtual data center deployment on commodity hardware at 30,000-AP scale, minimizing CAPEX and maximizing server reuse and flexibility.
All-in-One Simplicity
Virtual SmartZone (vSZ-H and vSZ-D) is a WLAN “network-in-a-box,” enabling IT to easily and cost-effectively deploy and scale a high-performance WLAN, with no requirement for stand-alone elements.
Multi-tier Managed Services
Multi-tenancy, domain segmentation and containerization enable secure delivery of managed WLAN services in complex, multi-tier business model and multi-geo contexts, including MVNO.
Comprehensive Experience Management
Visual Connection Diagnostics speeds and simplifies troubleshooting and client problem resolution while unique “super-KPIs” enable IT to more quickly detect and react to potential user experience degradation.
Multi-variate, Role-based Policies
Optional Ruckus Cloudpath integration lets IT to create rich location-, device- and user-based policy rules, enabling network segmentation based on real security and policy needs rather than on a one-size-fits-all approach.
High-Fidelity Streaming Data
For organizations using their own network analytics tools, SmartZone supplies a near real-time feed of all KPIs, enabling IT to effectively respond in the event of rapidly deteriorating network conditions, without requiring firewall pinholes.
Full Authentication Support
Supports authentication via EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA, EAP-TLS (x.509), EAP-TTLS and WISPr.
Additional Advanced Features
Rogue AP detection, interference detection and mitigation, band steering, airtime fairness, hotspot, guest networking services and more.


  • Number of APs Supported
    30,000 per cluster
  • Clients
    • 300,000 per cluster
  • Ethernet Ports
    1 or 3 vNIC
  • Authentication Support
    802.1x, local database, Active Directory, RADIUS, LDAP
  • Guest Networking / Captive Portal
  • DHCP Server
  • AP Discovery and Control
  • Management Interface
    Web, SCI
  • Management Protocol(s)
    SNMP v3
  • VLAN Support
    Dynamic VLANs
  • Deployment
    Private / Public Cloud