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Why Choose Ruckus for E-rate Networks

Thursday, December 8, 2016, @ 11:00 PST

Ruckus simplifies your school’s technology needs by making the wired and wireless network easy to deploy, manage, and scale. Better yet, Ruckus is an approved E-rate vendor, with many solutions qualifying for E-rate funding.

Join us for a live technical deep dive focused on our E-rate eligible solutions. We will discuss the benefits of our high performing access points, stackable campus switches, and cloud-managed solutions.

Series: 9 Myths About Wi-Fi in K-12 Education

On Demand

If you're planning a campus-wide or district-wide installation, register for this webinar series to learn the difference between fact from fiction in Wi-Fi among the K-12 education sector. GT Hill, Senior Evangelist at Ruckus Wireless will discuss the following:

  • How to get the most out of your Wi-Fi deployment
  • Things to ask before selecting a vendor based on your school's requirement
  • What opportunities and challenges to expect when building and deploying Wi-Fi networks

Webinar: Secure Device Onboarding for School Networks

On Demand

With Cloudpath, you can eliminate help desk tickets related to Wi-Fi password problems, gain better visibility and control over clients on your network, and solve the encryption inspection dilemma. What are you waiting for?

Watch this webinar to hear from a Cloudpath expert, Richard Nedwich, walk through the unique challenges facing IT regarding Wi-Fi security, client onboarding & user authentication.

Simple & Secure Onboarding for BYOD

On Demand

Success Profile: Blackpool & Fylde College

Join us, together with Nick Wright, ICT Services Manager, Blackpool & The Fylde College, as we explore challenges plaguing IT staff to provide a secure network for an ever growing list of devices ​and how they can be solved with the help of a certificate-based approach.

Elevating the Student Experience: Network Solutions for Engaging Digital Natives

On Demand

Avoid the Twitter storm of student complaints! Campus Wi-Fi has to be fast and reliable while also meeting IT needs for density, security, visibility and control. So how do you improve IT’s reputation while attracting and retaining students?

Watch this webinar to learn how IT can help ensure a great student experience that addresses the needs of digital natives by delivering a home-away-from-home experience, providing hassle-free access, and engaging students in campus life.

Best Practices for Migrating to 802.11ac

On Demand

Wi-Fi technology 802.11ac is going to be critical for higher capacity and performance. Join this webinar to get insights into best practices for upgrading your infrastructure.

You'll learn:

  • Primary benefits of 802.11ac
  • What you need to consider about your existing wired infrastructure
  • Design & infrastructure considerations

E-Rate Program Changes for FY17

On Demand

The federal government offers billions of dollars in E-rate discounts to US schools for in-building network infrastructure. But how do you unlock these hidden funds?

Listen to this exclusive webinar with E-rate expert, Jim Kerr, Principal at KB & Associates LLC, to hear what’s new for the E-rate program in FY17, what products and services are eligible for this program, and how you can successfully apply for funding.

Webinar: Meeting the Digital Learning Transition Challenge

On Demand

A continuous wired and wireless network is no longer a nice to have, but a requirement when transitioning to a collaborative, digital learning environment.

So how can you provide network availability to support always on digital learning initiatives? Hear from Bryant Wong, Chief Technology Officer of Summit Public Schools, explain his journey to provide a 100% digital learning environment in his school district.

Meeting the Student Data Privacy Challenge

On Demand

49 of 50 US States have legislation in effect or in draft around the need to protect student data privacy. K-12 IT administrators are under enormous pressure to ensure that student data is protected and used in accordance with applicable laws.

But with BYOD, guest access, and everything going to cloud, how do you keep students' private data secure? Watch this webinar to learn how to effectively protect student data across your network. 

Meeting the Broadband & Network Capacity Challenge in Education

On Demand

Keeping up with the escalating number of devices and bandwidth hungry applications on your network is the biggest challenge K-12 IT administrators face.

And as the BYOD phenomenon continues to grow, and school districts start providing Chromebooks to their students, making sure there is enough broadband to go around is increasingly important. Learn some leading best practices on how to handle this growth with wired and wireless solutions built for scale.

Minooka School District: Superior Performance with Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi​

On Demand

Facing significant challenges in providing reliable, high performance Wi-Fi to 7 campuses and with very limited IT resources, Minooka School District needed to upgrade their legacy network.

Tune in to hear Aaron Souza, Director of IT at Minooka School District, walk through their Wi-Fi challenges of his district and why he chose to deploy Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi. How did Ruckus solve those challenges? What improvements have they seen on their network?

No Hassle Access: Passwords, Pre-Boarding & Eduroam

On Demand

To attract and retain students, IT needs to deliver a consistently great user experience on campus.This can be challenging when freshmen immediately have connectivity drama when they get on campus.

How many hours per week do you then spend on password-related help desk tickets? Spare an hour, and listen to this webinar to learn how to rid your campus of password tyranny and simplify secure onboarding.

Residence Hall Wi-Fi Solutions for Better Connectivity

On Demand

60% of people can't go without Wi-Fi for more than a day. Students are not only selecting which institution to attend based on academics - they are also deciding where their home will be for the next several years.

Therefore, they expect a true “home-away-from-home” experience in their residence halls. Attend our upcoming live webinar to learn how you can deliver the best Wi-Fi in your resident halls, with easy onboarding solutions and IPTV.