Victor Central School District (VCSD) is a suburban school district located approximately 12 miles outside of Rochester, New York. The district serves 4500 students from pre-K to 12th grade and 600 in staff. Dealing with an aging network, VCSD needed to future proof its infrastructure for its primary education. Using Ruckus’ access points for all indoor and outdoor areas, Victor now has seamless roaming across the entire campus. Managing these access points is a virtual SmartZone (vSZ) controller for simple centralized management, and a backup vSZ for redundancy to deliver the high availability needed for online learning. The vSZ platform gives the network the capability to grow and adapt to the changing needs of VCSD. For user and device authentication, Cloudpath is being used for all students and staff. This security and policy management platform enables IT to keep track of who is on the network easily.