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We All Want Better Wi-Fi

Meet the host: GT Hill
Meet the host: GT Hill

Face it, we all want better Wi-Fi. Each second of inconsistent Wi-Fi performance we encounter adversely affects our productivity, breaks our avenues of communication, and generally creates mass frustration. We all want better Wi-Fi. In fact, we NEED better Wi-Fi. But there is so much marketing fluff out there... where can you get educated?

Understanding the complexities of next-generation Wi-Fi can present a challenge. An optimized 802.11ac infrastructure comes only as a result of solid wireless fundamentals, thoughtful radio design, smart antenna systems, and dynamic RF adaptation. So how can you get the most out of 11ac?

Want Better Wi-Fi is an educational Webinar Series that offers the real facts and physics necessary to achieve better Wi-Fi. Join us for these highly informative sessions to gain the knowledge you need to make the best wireless networking decisions possible.

Webinar #1:

Intro to Wi-Fi basics and radio frequency

We all #WantBetterWiFi but before we can achieve that goal we must first understand the science behind Wi-Fi and Radio Frequency. This isn’t a physics class, but it will give you the knowledge necessary to understand what is happening over the air and how to improve the overall wireless experience. A little knowledge goes a long way. #WantBetterWiFi

  • The simple physics of Wi-Fi
  • Major causes of Wi-Fi performance degradation
  • The role and growing importance of the antenna
  • Fixed versus dynamic antenna implementations

Webinar #2:

Exploiting next generation 802.11ac with smarter antennas

We all #WantBetterWiFi and the most logical step to achieving this is exploring the new 802.11ac standard. However, it’s important to understand the differences between .11ac wave 1 and .11ac wave 2, and the potential pitfalls involved in an uninformed upgrade. Fully understanding the benefits of this exciting wireless technology, both short and long term, will enable you to make solid network design and deployment decisions.

  • An overview of 802.11ac
  • 802.11ac protocol challenges
  • Understanding multiuser MIMO
  • Maximizing advanced signal modulation
  • The benefits of adaptive antennas with 802.11ac

Webinar #3:

Demystifying beamforming and adaptive antennas

We all #WantBetterWiFi and you’ve taken the time to become an expert on all things wireless. You know where the technology is going and you know what it will do for your company. But what’s this 802.11ac Tx beamforming all about and what exact benefits will it demonstrate? Truth is, there is an enormous difference between beamforming and adaptive antenna technology. Knowing the details will enable you to make an informed, future-proof network design decision.

At this live webinar, GT Hill will cover the following topics and answer any question from the audience:

  • Beamforming basics
  • Beamforming benefits and limitations
  • Understanding the difference between transmit beamforming and adaptive antennas
  • Using beamforming and adaptive antenna to build better Wi-Fi networks

GT Hill

GT Hill, Ruckus Corporate Technical Marketing Director

A former wireless Trainer for Global Knowledge and CWNP, GT is a Wi-Fi expert with an extensive understanding of supplier products and technologies. GT’s expertise in computer networking includes Wi-Fi protocol behavior, network architecture and specialized topics such as dynamic beamforming, 802.11n and RF interference. CWNE Certified, GT is a Certified Wireless Network Trainer (CWNT), and owns his own decommissioned missile launch site.