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Meeting the Digital Learning Transition Challenge

Thursday, November 3rd, 10AM Pacific Time​

A non-stop, un-interrupted digital learning environment is essential to improving student outcomes. Is your infrastructure ready?

No Hassle Access: Passwords, Pre-Boarding & Eduroam

Thursday, November 17th, 8AM Pacific Time

To attract and retain students, IT needs to deliver a consistently great user experience on campus.

Attend this webinar to learn how IT can help ensure a great student experience which addresses the needs of digital natives.

Meeting the Student Data Privacy Challenge

On Demand​

49 of 50 US States have legislation in effect or in draft around the need to protect student data privacy. Do you know where your vulnerabilities are?

E-Rate Program Changes for FY17

On Demand

E-Rate’s critical funding and Ruckus can empower your teachers to impart life-long learning to students. But how do you unlock the hidden funds of E-Rate? Join Jim Kerr from KB & Associates LLC, an E-Rate expert, for an exclusive webinar about E-Rate FY17.

Meeting the Broadband & Network Capacity Challenge in Education

On Demand

Keeping up with the escalating number of devices and bandwidth hungry applications on your network is the biggest challenge K-12 IT administrators face.

Join Chris Oskuie, Director of Education, Brocade and Richard Nedwich, Global Director of Education, Ruckus to learn best practices to handle the growth.

Minooka School District: Superior Performance with Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi​

On Demand

Facing significant challenges in providing reliable, high performance Wi-Fi to 7 campuses and with very limited IT resources, Minooka School District needed to upgrade their legacy network.

Tune in to hear Aaron Souza, Director of IT at Minooka School District, walk through their Wi-Fi challenges of his district and why he chose to deploy Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi. How did Ruckus solve those challenges? What improvements have they seen on their network?

Webinar: Secure Device Onboarding for School Networks

On Demand

In this webinar, Cloudpaths expert, Richard Nedwich, will walk through the unique challenges facing IT regarding Wi-Fi security, client on boarding & user authentication.

Best Practices for Migrating to 802.11ac

On Demand

Wi-Fi technology 802.11ac is going to be critical for higher capacity and performance. Join this webinar to get insights into best practices for upgrading your infrastructure.

You'll learn:

  • Primary benefits of 802.11ac
  • What you need to consider about your existing wired infrastructure
  • Design & infrastructure considerations

Elevating the Student Experience: Network Solutions for Engaging Digital Natives

On Demand

Attend this webinar to discover solutions for how IT can help ensure a great student experience which addresses the needs of ‘Digital Natives' by:

  • Delivering a home-away-from-home experience
  • Providing a hassle-free access
  • Engaging students in campus life

Secure Client Enrollment for Campus Networks

On Demand

Ruckus Wireless is pleased to announce a higher-education specific webinar on the topic of secure client enrollment for campus network users.

Join Cloudpaths expert, Abhi Maras, as he walks through the unique challenges IT faces regarding Wi-Fi security, client on boarding & user authentication. ​​

Simple & Secure Onboarding for BYOD

On Demand

Success Profile: Blackpool & Fylde College

Join us, together with Nick Wright, ICT Services Manager, Blackpool & The Fylde College, as we explore challenges plaguing IT staff to provide a secure network for an ever growing list of devices ​and how they can be solved with the help of a certificate-based approach.

Connecting Universities from the Classroom to the Dorm

On Demand

This webinar examines the Wi-Fi requirements of colleges and universities, the implications for network architectures and performance, and the new technologies available to streamline business processes and improve security and service delivery throughout the campus.

Series: 9 Myths About Wi-Fi in K-12 Education

On Demand

If you're planning a campus-wide or district-wide installation, register for this webinar series to learn the difference between fact from fiction in Wi-Fi among the K-12 education sector. GT Hill, Senior Evangelist at Ruckus Wireless will discuss the following:

  • How to get the most out of your Wi-Fi deployment
  • Things to ask before selecting a vendor based on your school's requirement
  • What opportunities and challenges to expect when building and deploying Wi-Fi networks

Secure, Simple, Scalable: Certificate WiFi for Chromebooks​

On Demand

Please join us to learn how Cloudpath's XpressConnect products integrate seamlessly with the Ruckus WiFi infrastructure to provide a fully automated, low cost solution to identify and assign distinct policies to guests, students, an​d staff with IT-managed or BYOD devices, all with the industry's highest performing WLAN infrastructure.​

Energize your business with multi-gigabit WiFi​: The power of 802.11ac Wave 2

On Demand

Wave 2 of the 802.11ac WiFi standard is a significant step in the evolution of networking, adding new capabilities that improve overall WiFi system performance and capacity.​

Join Vijay Sammeta, Chief Information Officer for the City of San Jose, Steve Bratt, Technology Director at Vancouver Public Schools and Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst at ZK Research, to learn about 802.11ac Wave 2 and how it can benefit your organization today.​

Future proof your network with 802.11ac Wave 2

On Demand

Wave 2 of 802.11ac is here! The ZoneFlex R710, the industry's first 4X4:4 multi-user MIMO 802.11ac AP, extends Wi-Fi to enable multi-gigabit performance and unprecedented capacity, satisfying today's most voracious data consumers while simultaneously rendering your WLAN infrastructure ‘future proof’. Register for the webinar to learn more!​

How to apply unique security policies to different types of users or devices?

On Demand

A great connection is mandatory but we need to apply security and policies to different set of users. We'll look at how to handle different user types while still maintaining a secure connection for all.

How do I deal with interference?

On Demand

As more wireless devices proliferate our world, dealing with noise and interference is paramount to maintaining the solid connection users are looking for. We'll dive into the perils of interference and how Ruckus uniquely deals with this growing problem.

Why does high density matter to me?

On Demand

Dealing with a high density of devices is still a top concern for most wireless LAN networks. In this webinar, we will discuss the issues encountered by traditional systems and how Ruckus solves the problem.

What's the Ruckus About?

On Demand

This webinar will start with a fundamental overview of Wi-Fi technology and end with a look at how Ruckus technology optimizes its products for today's demanding data-driven world.