Ruckus @ HITEC 2017

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If you know Ruckus, you know that Ruckus knows hospitality Wi-Fi. You may not know that Ruckus knows hospitality switching, too. With the Brocade ICX switching portfolio now part of the new Ruckus, Ruckus delivers an end-to-end multi-gigabit hospitality solution.

Ruckus understands that great hotel Wi-Fi is a business requirement– it's what guests expect when they travel, whether for work or for pleasure. We don't just understand that, we back it up: Ruckus hospitality Wi-Fi increases guest satisfaction scores and reduces customer support calls.

Join us at HiTEC to get the latest on high-performance Ruckus Wi-Fi and switching, including Ruckus APs like the new Ruckus H320, Ruckus H510 and Ruckus C110: a versatile wall-mounted AP lineup that supports DOCSIS, Ethernet switching and IoT for flexible and future-proof deployments.

Come learn how we do it.

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Ruckus Speaks

Navigating Connectivity Demands (Moderated by John Sullivan, VP Advanced Wi-Fi Solutions at Charter Communications)

Wednesday, June 28, 8:30a – 9:30a

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Room 801A

The hospitality industry has never been more technology driven, requiring reliable and robust connectivity to enable the vast array of enhanced experiences - from enabling back of the house connectivity to delighting guests with seamless, reliable Internet access. Join our expert panel to learn how the industry can leverage Wi-Fi and other technologies to enable the best experience for staff and guests alike. Moderated by John Sullivan, VP of Advanced Wi-Fi Solutions, the session will include a look at preparing the hotelier to proactively address connectivity concerns.

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802.11ac Wave 2

General Networking Technologies

What it means:

802.11ac Wave 2 is the newest version of the newest Wi-Fi standard. It builds on first-generation 802.11ac technology by delivering faster data rates and the ability to communicate with four different clients simultaneously, instead of one at a time.

Why you should care:

Since rolling out in 2015, 802.11ac Wave 2 has become the Wi-Fi technology of choice, seeing double-digit growth in its first two years after launch. With wireless speeds as fast or faster than wired networks, many businesses now use it as the primary way to connect to the LAN.

Ruckus got in early on the 802.11ac game, offering one of the leading Wave 2 access points and the industry’s first commercially available Wave 2 outdoor access point. Today, we offer one of the largest Wave 2 portfolios on the market. By combining Wave 2 capacity with our technology breakthroughs in Smart Wi-Fi intelligence and antenna design, we’re making the dream of super-fast 802.11ac a reality in thousands of locations worldwide.

Multi-gigabit Technology

General Networking Technologies

What it means:

Multi-gigabit technology and specifically the IEEE 802.3bz standard, formally introduced as 2.5GBASE-T and 5GBASE-T in 2016. IEEE 802.3bz is a standard for Ethernet over twisted pair copper wire at speeds of 2.5 Gbps and 5 Gbps.

Why you should care:

Gigabit connections have served us well for many years, delivering fast low-latency data to laptops, smartphones and other devices. However, the latest generation of APs can overwhelm a 1 GbE connection so that the wired network becomes a performance bottleneck. Multi-gigabit technology, which operate above 1 Gbps supports new data rates of 2.5 and 5 Gbps, while still leveraging commonly deployed Cat 5e (for 2.5 Gbps) or Cat 6 (for 5 Gbps) cabling. Thus, enterprises can maximize the performance of their Wi-Fi networks in the most cost-effective, least-disruptive manner. The Ruckus ICX Z-series switches and the Ruckus R720 access point support multi-gigabit technology / 802.3bz to help organizations maximize their Wi-Fi network performance.