Beca Group

Users Experience Enormous Network Growth

The Beca group is an employee-owned engineering and related consultancy service company in the Asia-Pacific. While it is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, Beca operates from three main hubs: Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Beca has almost 3,000 employees in total, in its 20 offices around the world and runs a network connecting all the branches. Because of severe office damage due to an earthquake years ago, the Christchurch office was forced to relocate. With a new office in the horizon, Beca decided to update where their networking solution was concerned.


The challenge Beca was facing is the same one all companies around the world are facing—more devices hitting the network, enormous amounts of applications being used and an aging network infrastructure, making it a struggle to continuously meet business demands.

Being a civil engineering group, there are a lot of different kinds of software requirements. Mark Taylor, senior network engineer at Beca explains, “One software is a point-cloud-based technology for 3D imaging which deals with extremely large files, which can currently get to 20-40 Gb in size and have multiple people working on it at once from many branches across the network. High bandwidth and good QoS (Quality of Service) are required because if something goes wrong, the whole file becomes corrupted and a lot of work can be lost should the file need to be restored.”

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  • Upgrade the network to meet all business demands
  • A flexible and Future proof network to grow as the business grows
  • Deployed Ruckus’ ICX 7750 switches as the core and Ruckus’ ICX 7450s for connection to desktops, cameras, wireless access points and other access devices
  • Provided a flexible network infrastructure capable of scaling to support rapid business growth
  • Campus Fabric simplified management and improved uptime and network availability
  • High performing network to service all engineering projects