Pacific Ridge School

Pacific Ridge School Gives Ruckus ZoneFlex an “A” for a Robust WLAN that’s Simple, Scalable and Affordable

With students arriving soon, Pacifi c Ridge School, a new private, non-profi t 7-12 grade school, needed to deploy a ubiquitous but reliable wireless LAN (WLAN) across its sprawling campus on 7.3 acres just north of San Diego. But like many K-12 schools, Pacifi c Ridge didn’t have a big IT staff or budget.

Pacifi c Ridge wanted Wi-Fi to be more than a convenient way to connect students, faculty and staff to the network. It wanted Wi-Fi to be a reliable utility that would adapt to the changing RF environment, as well as their changing network requirements, without constant IT intervention.

Business Concerns

As a greenfi eld project, Pacifi c Ridge deployed a gigabit Ethernet fi ber optic network between its four main, single-story buildings as well as Category 6 Ethernet cabling throughout each building. But at nearly $200 per Ethernet drop, Pacifi c Ridge wanted to minimize the number of wired jacks - understanding that its user population would prefer to connect via Wi-Fi anyway.

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  • Ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire school
  • Minimize the number of access points
  • Mitigate radio frequency (RF) interference
  • Minimize Ethernet drops
  • Simple administration and robust security
  • Consistent performance at every location
  • Fast, easy installation and confi guration
  • Self-optimizing system
  • Reliable support for VoIP over Wi-Fi
  • At-a-glance remote monitoring of WLAN
  • Support for a mixed environment of MACs, PCs, PDAs, phones and other wireless client devices
  • One Ruckus ZoneDirector 1025 WLAN controller
  • Eight Ruckus ZoneFlex 2942 APs
  • Complete Wi-Fi coverage
  • Only eight APs required for entire school as opposed to over 20 from competitors
  • Reduction of Ethernet drops from 240 (planned) to 180 (actual)
  • 60 percent reduction in capital costs relative to competitve solutions
  • Dependable Wi-Fi signal quality
  • Seamless roaming between buildings
  • Robust security using Dynamic PSK eliminates individual client configuration
  • Superior wireless handling of VoIP traffic
  • Unique multicast over IP video support
  • Automatic interference avoidance