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The Technology

Ruckus has developed leading carrier-class Wi-Fi products and technology, which we refer to as Smart Wi-Fi, that enable service providers and enterprises to benefit from advanced levels of performance and integration capabilities that are not possible with basic Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi standards and network equipment were originally designed to allow simple, easy-to-use and low cost con- nectivity in the lower interference environments, such as the home. As a result, basic Wi-Fi products suffer from a number of inadequacies for addressing today’s wireless challenges such as interference, scalability and support for a large number of concurrent users.

At the heart of all Ruckus products is Smart Wi-Fi technology developed to solve these problems. Smart Wi-Fi is a collection of patented technology breakthroughs such as: adaptive RF control (BeamFlex), predictive channel selection (ChannelFly), resilient and self optimized meshing (SmartMesh), automatic user device configuration (Zero IT config) and dynamic Wi-Fi security (Dynamic pre-shared keys).

Integrated within Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi systems, these technologies deliver reliable and predictable performance for supporting the most challenging applications.

Antenna Directionality
Antenna Directionality

BeamFlex is the industry’s most advanced Wi-Fi smart antenna implementation. Combining a compact internal antenna array with expert control software, BeamFlex continuously ranks the antenna configurations for each receiving device and reconfig- ures itself in real-time to choose the best performing antenna configuration to address interference and obstructions.

BeamFlex adapts Wi-Fi signals to interference conditions to deliver predictable performance at greater ranges. It also reduces dead spots, increasing the range and performance of the Wi-Fi network up to 300 percent. High-gain directional antennas provide up to 9dBi of antenna gain and 17dB of interference rejection.

Highly sensitive antenna elements also deliver the industry’s most sensitive Wi-Fi receiving capabilities. BeamFlex allows long-range reception of Wi-Fi signals down to -100 dBm. This results in some of the most reliable Wi-Fi systems available today.

SmartMesh Networking changes the fundamental economics of WLAN deployment. SmartMesh Networking uses Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi and expert RF routing technologies to create long-range, reliable and adaptive Wi-Fi trunk connections between mesh APs, eliminating having to cable Ethernet to all APs.

Patented Beamflex

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