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Smarter Wi-Fi Helps MSOs Extend Branded Broadband Services into the Community

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Wi-Fi has proven to be a compelling service offering for MSOs worldwide. It adds greatly to their existing set of services and is fairly straightforward to deploy given the extensive hybrid fiber coax plant running throughout their coverage areas. In some parts of the world there is extensive aerial plant, which is an especially compelling option for Wi-Fi deployments. This asset can be used to rollout a broad-based wireless footprint using Smart Wi-Fi technology that allows subscribers to access the Internet while on the move. These services have already proven to be immensely popular with subscribers and have greatly reduced churn in those areas where Wi-Fi networks have been deployed.

MSOs are also moving ahead aggressively with Wi-Fi roaming solutions. Initial efforts were based on non-standard roaming techniques, but now the industry is rapidly moving to Hotspot 2.0. This allows MSOs to share their Wi-Fi footprint, which greatly increases their coverage and hence the utility of their offering. Eventually these MSO roaming consortiums can be expanded to include MNOs, public venues, and even municipalities.

In places where aerial plant does not exist, there are opportunities for MSOs to work with municipalities to deploy Wi-Fi infrastructure on street furniture. These public/private partnerships can greatly advance the rollout of broadband wireless services and greatly accelerate the smart city phenomenon.

New technologies are emerging from Ruckus to enhance MSO builds and this includes cloud based controller solutions, location based services, analytics and reporting, and a broad family of access points, some of which are DOCSIS compatible.