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3G/4G Offload

Smarter Wi-Fi for a Mobile World

Mobile network operators (MNOs) the world over are facing a common structural problem in their businesses. Traffic growth is outstripping the capacity of their mobile network deployments in urban “hot zones”, making it difficult to hold a phone conversation during rush hour. In turn, operators are under pressure to offer faster speeds to keep up with their customers’ insatiable demand for data intensive applications. But the implications are dire: the cost of transporting data is expected to outpace revenue, and a poor user experience resulting from network congestion will result in churn, one of the largest costs operators incur. Consequently, operators are planning to use every tool available to them. Smart Wi-Fi systems are one very essential tool.

Chetan Sharma Consulting Forecast
Chetan Sharma Consulting Forecast

This chart from Chetan Sharma Consulting forecast a strong increase in mobile offload solutions based on technologies like Wi-Fi.

Ruckus has long been a leader in the development and deployment of carrier-class solutions to the worlds MNOs.

So what are the elements of a carrier-class Smart Wi-Fi solution:

  1. It all starts with advanced adaptive antenna technology which provides high performance in almost any situation. Adaptive antennas do this by controlling the effects of multi-path to deliver up to 6 dB of additional gain as seen by the user's device.
  2. Hotspot 2.0 based automatic and secure roaming makes the process of connecting to Wi-Fi as easy as when connecting to a 3G/4G service.
  3. Network Function Virtualization using hypervisor technology to increase the scale and simplify the management of Wi-Fi networks.
  4. Wi-Fi Calling support with advanced QoS techniques
  5. Advanced radio resource management
  6. Self optimizing and self organizing network architectures
  7. Value added services like location based services, along with reporting and analytics
  8. Evolved packet core integration via GTP tunneling

All of the above have been incorporated into Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi solutions.