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TechTalk: The Smarter Things We Do to Make Wi-Fi Better.

As a wireless innovator, we hear a lot of gripes about Wi-Fi technology. The single biggest complaint, bar none, is that wireless signals just don't reach where they should. And even when they do, they're flaky.

Our patented Smart Wi-Fi technology is a solution to this problem—once and for all.

Smart Wi-Fi is actually a collection of technologies, all designed to extend the range and reliability of wireless signals. These technologies eliminate much of the cost and complexity of conventional wireless LAN (WLAN) deployments.

Our Smart Wi-Fi includes recent technical advances in beam steering, beam forming, adaptive signal path selection, quality of service, traffic classification, and fancy RF routing.

Very cool stuff with more to come.

  • ZoneConnect

    Patented Ruckus technologies combine to streamline the provisioning, authentication, security and troubleshooting of client devices.

  • Wi-Fi Calling

  • SmartSec

    A collection of advanced security mechanisms, including the ability to dynamically generate pre-shared keys, plus role-based user access, wireless client isolation, and wireless intrusion detection.

  • SmartPoint

    SmartPoint has proven to be very popular with mobile operators looking to quickly deploy large numbers of Wi-Fi access points in widely distributed areas.

  • SmartMesh Networking

    A state-of-the-art RF routing system that provides the ability to construct an adaptive, resilient, reliable high-speed wireless mesh network.

  • SmartCell Architecture

    The Proven Recipe for Carrier-Class Wi-Fi Deployments

  • SmartCast

    An advanced traffic engineering and quality of service system that classifies, prioritizes, and queues traffic, to ensure high-quality transmissions.

  • SecureHotspot

    Ruckus SecureHotspot technology using Dynamic Pre-Shared Key or DPSK.

  • HotSpot 2.0

    The hassles and risks of connecting to public Wi-Fi will soon be a thing of the past, thanks to Hotspot 2.0.

  • ChannelFly

    Our new and unique approach involves assessment across all available channels, based on actual realizable capacity, before making any decisions about changes.